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What’s New with Registration?

  • The new student system empowers students to handle their own registration via Self Service throughout the semester. Online registration will not close down after midnight on the 6th day of the semester –you will be able to add and drop classes online (within applicable add/drop deadlines) throughout the term.
  • Most registration permits/overrides can be given electronically (rather than paper memos).
  • Students will be able to view registration permits/overrides that have been granted to them from within Self Service (see Registration Status from the Registration menu).
  • Receiving a permit/override DOES NOT register you in a class; it simply overrides a specific restriction that prevented you from successfully enrolling in a class.
  • After receiving the required registration permits/overrides, you must attempt to register in the class again.
  • If you are eligible to drop a class with no grade and a full refund of class tuition/fees, you will see an option of “Web Drop/Delete”.
  • If it’s past the deadline to drop a class with no grade, but still within the deadline to drop a class with an automatic grade of W, you will see an option of “Web Drop with Automatic W.” In addition to receiving an automatic grade of W, you will also be assessed tuition/fees for the class.  Partial refunds are only available during the partial refund period for the class.

Portal –

You will access the new student system via the portal. After logging in with your O-Key information, click on the Self Service icon:

Once in Self Service, you will see a menu of options, including Personal Information, Student, and Financial Aid. Most of your student academic information is located under the Student tab/link.

  Look up Classes

  • Login to the new Portal
  • Click on the Self Service icon:


  • From within Self Service, select the “Student” tab, then click Registration
  • Click Look Up Classes
  • Select a term from the drop-down list, then click the Submit button. Please note that if a term is labeled “View Only”, registration is not yet open for the term.
  •  Select at least one subject and click the Course Search button. This will return a list of courses (course subject and number) offered for the term – click on the View Sections button to view all sections of a given course. 
  •  Alternatively, you can click the Advanced Search button and then narrow down your search results as desired, then click the Course Search button. This will bring you to a list of classes offered for that subject in this semester

Now you’ll see a list of all sections currently offered for your selection.  See the graphic below for details:

A.      The CRN is the unique section identifier.
B.      This CMP column shows the three-digit campus code, like STW for Stillwater or TUL for Tulsa.
C.      Instructor names. If their name has a “P” in parentheses, that means they are the primary
D.      The meeting Location. If the location is listed as “WEB” that means the class is online.
E.      The Course Attributes are special characteristics of the class – they indicate things like Lower
          Division, Honors Credit, Academic College, etc.

  • The Select column can have a few different values:
  • A code of “NR” means that enrollment is not possible, usually because enrollment hasn’t begun for the semester, or we are now past the last date for enrollment.
  • A code of “SR” means that there is something in your student record that is preventing you from enrolling. Likely causes would be registration holds, or simply that your time to enroll hasn’t come yet.
  • A code of “C” means that the class is full; no seats are left.
  • If you see a blank check box, you can try to register for that section!

Short “How to” Videos – less than 3 minutes.  Click below to view:

Interpret Class Schedule Listing
Navigate Class Schedule
Self Service: How to Check Registration Status
Self Service: Looking Up Classes & Enrolling
Self Service: New XE Registration