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Degree Requirements

2010-2011 Majors and Options

Accounting (BSBA)

Aerospace Administration and Operations
- Aerospace Logistics
- Aviation Management (BS)
- Aerospace Security (BS)
- Professional Pilot (BS)
- Technical Service Management (BS)

Aerospace Engineering (BSAE)

Agribusiness (BSAG)
- Crop and Soil Sciences (BSAG)
- Farm and Ranch Management (BSAG)
- Finance (BSAG)
- Management (BSAG)
- Marketing (BSAG)
- Pre-Law (BSAG)
- Pre-Veterinary Business Management (BSAG)

Agricultural Communications (BSAG)
- Animal Science Double Major (BSAG)

Agricultural Economics (BSAG)
- Accounting Double Major (BSAG)
- International Agricultural Marketing (BSAG)

Agricultural Education
- Horticulture Double Major
- Teaching (BSAG)

Agricultural Leadership (BSAG)

American Studies (BA)

Animal Science
- Agricultural Communications Double Major
- Agricultural Education Double Major (BSAG)
- Animal Biotechnology (BSAG)
- Business (BSAG)
- International (BSAG)
- Livestock Merchandising (BSAG)
- Pre-Veterinary Animal Science (BSAG)
- Production (BSAG)
- Ranch Operations (BSAG)

Architectural Engineering
- Structures

Architecture (BAR)

- Art History
- Studio Art (BA)
- Graphic Design (BFA)
- Studio (BFA)

Athletic Training
- Clinical
- Pre-Professional (BS)

Biochemistry (BS)

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (BSAG)
- Pre-Medical or Pre-Veterinary Science (BSAG)

Biological Science (BS)

Biosystems Engineering
- Biomechanical
- Bioprocessing and Biotechnology (BSBE)
- Environmental and Natural Resources (BSBE)
- Food Processing (BSBE)

Botany (BS)

Career and Technical Education
- Business and Information Technology Education
- Health Occupations Education (BS)
- Marketing Education (BS)
- Certification (BS)
- Non-Certification (BS)
- Technology Education (BS)

Chemical Engineering (BSCH)
- Biomedical/Biochemical (BSCH)
- Environmental (BSCH)
- Pre-Medical (BSCH)

- ACS Approved
- Departmental Degree (BS)

Civil Engineering (BSCV)
- Environmental (BSCV)

Communication Sciences and Disorders (BS)

Computer Engineering (BSCP)

Computer Science (BS)

Construction Management Technology
- Building
- Heavy (BSET)

Design, Housing and Merchandising
- Apparel, Design and Production
- Interior Design (BSHS)
- Merchandising (BSHS)

- Two Options - A&S
(BA) (BS)

Economics (BSBA)
- Business Economics and Quantitative Studies (BSBA)
- Pre-Law (BSBA)

- Non-Certification

Electrical Engineering (BSEE)

Electrical Engineering Technology (BSET)
- Computer (BSET)
- Telecommunications (BSET)

Elementary Education (BS)

English (BA)
- Creative Writing (BA)
- Screen Studies (BA)
- Professional Writing (BA)

- Bioforensics, Pre-Veterinary and Pre-Medical Sciences
- Insect Biology and Ecology (BSAG)

Entrepreneurship (BSBA)

Environmental Science
- Environmental Policy
- Natural Resources (BSAG)
- Water Resources (BSAG)

- Two Options

Fire Protection and Safety Technology (BSET)

Food Science
- Industry
- Science (BSAG)

French (BA)

General Business (BSBA)
- Pre-Law (BSBA)

Geography (BA) (BS)

Geology (BS)

German (BA)

Health Education and Promotion
- Community Health Education
- Exercise and Health (BS)

History (BA)

- Horticultural Business
- Horticultural Science (BSAG)
- Public Horticulture (BSAG)
- Turf Management (BSAG) 

Hotel and Restaurant Administration (BSHS)

Human Development and Family Science
- Child and Family Services
- Early Childhood Education (BSHS)
- Family and Consumer Sciences Education (BSHS)
- Gerontology (BSHS)

Industrial Engineering and Management (BSIE) 

International Business (BSBA) 

Landscape Architecture (BLA) 

Landscape Contracting (BSAG) 

Leisure Studies
- Leisure Service Management
- Therapeutic Recreation (BS)

Liberal Studies (BA) (BS)

Management (BSBA)
- Human Resource Management (BSBA)
- Sports Management (BSBA)

Management Information Systems (BSBA)
- Information Assurance (BSBA)
- Management Science and Computer Systems (BSBA)

Marketing (BSBA)

Mathematics (BA) (BS)

Mechanical Engineering (BSME)
- Pre-Medical (BSME)

Mechanical Engineering Technology (BSET)

Microbiology, Cell and Molecular Biology
- Biomedical Science
- Clinical Laboratory Science (BS)
- Microbial Ecology/Environmental (BS)
- Microbial Pathogenesis (BS)
- Molecular Genetics (BS)

Multimedia Journalism (BA) (BS)

Music (BA)
- Elective Studies in Business (BM)
- Performance (BM) 

Music Education
- Instrumental/Vocal Certification

Natural Resource Ecology and Management
- Fire Ecology and Management
- Fisheries and Aquatic Ecology (BSAG)
- Forest Management (BSAG)
- Forest Resource Conservation (BSAG)
- Natural Resource Communications (BSAG)
- Rangeland Ecology and Management (BSAG)
- Urban and Community Forestry (BSAG)
- Wildlife Ecology and Management (BSAG)

Nutritional Sciences
- Allied Health
- Community Nutrition (BSHS)
- Dietetics (BSHS)
- Dietetics and Exercise (BSHS)
- Human Nutrition/Pre-Medical Sciences (BSHS)
- Nutrition and Exercise (BSHS)

Philosophy (BA) 

Physical Education
- Teacher Education

Physics (BS)
- Applied Physics (BS)

Physiology (BS)

Plant and Soil Sciences
- Agribusiness
- Bioenergy Production (BSAG)
- Forage and Livestock Production (BSAG)
- Plant Biotechnology (BSAG)
- Plant Science (BSAG)
- Soil Geotechnology (BSAG)
- Soil and Water Resources (BSAG)

Political Science (BA) (BS)

Psychology (BA) (BS)

Russian Language and Literature (BA)

Secondary Education
- English
- Foreign Language (BS)
- Mathematics (BS)
- Science (BS)
- Social Studies (BS)

Sociology (BA) (BS)
- Anthropology (BA) (BS)
- Applied Sociology (BA) (BS)

Spanish (BA)

Statistics (BS)

Sports Media (BA) (BS)

Strategic Communication (BA) (BS)

Theatre (BA)

University Studies (BUS)
- Multidisciplinary Studies (BUS)

Zoology (BS)


Academic Calendar


Fall 2014

August 4 - 15
Fall pre-session (two weeks)

Friday, August 15
Final enrollment date - late fee assessed after this date

Monday, August 18
Class work begins

Monday, August 25
100% Refund, Nonrestrictive Drop/Add Deadline (

Monday, August 25
SIS Web Registration closes at midnight

Friday, August 29
Partial Refund, Restrictive Drop/Add Deadline (

Monday, September 1
University holiday

Tuesday, September 30
Six week grades due from faculty

Friday, October 24
Students' Fall Break (No Classes)

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