2012-2013 Certificate Programs

Undergraduate Certificate

Environmental Studies (EVST)
24 hours.

  • Three hours from Natural and Physical Environment: ENVR 1113, GEOG 1114, GEOL 1014, NREM 1014;
  • Three hours from Policy, Society, and Law: BOT 3253, HIST 4523, SOC 4433, POLS 4363, POLS 4593, NREM 4043;
  • Three hours from Resource Conservation: GEOG 3153, NREM 3513, NREM 3343, SOIL 4463;
  • Three hours from Economic Sustainability: ARCH 4233, AGEC 3503, ECON 3903, DHM 4573;
  • Three hours from The Built Environment: ARCH 2003, ARCH 4293, GEOG 3123, HIST 4063, LA 3673, RMTR 4463.
  • Six hours from among these free electives: CIED 4560, GEOG 4233, RMTR 4453, NREM 4053, NREM 4063, NREM 4093, SOC 4453, 4473, NSCI 3543.
  • Three hour Capstone: Internship, Independent Research, or International Travel.

The courses listed above may change due to new course additions, changes in course rotations, and changes in instructors. For the latest list, please consult the website at: http://es.okstate.edu.

David Crawford, Program Advisor, 213 LSE, 405-744-5658.

International Competency (INTC)
15-30 hours.

This certificate provides students from any college or major with an opportunity for depth in a specific international region. All applicable courses that count toward the certificate, with the exception of the "International College Courses" area, MUST be specific to a single country or region. For approved requirements sheets, see the program contacts.

International College Courses: Complete three hours of upper-division coursework from the approved list for the certificate. This course will address general international issues within a discipline rather than within a specific region or country.

International Experience: Complete three hours of coursework that has a required travel component within the specified country or region.

General Education: Complete nine hours of approved Humanities (H) or Social and Behavioral Sciences (S) from the approved certificate list that focus on the specified country or region.

Language Proficiency: Demonstrate language proficiency in the primary language of the specified country or region by completing one of the following:

  1. Fifteen (15) hours of the appropriate foreign language sequence with a "C" or better in each course;
  2. Five (5) hours of intermediate or advanced coursework in the appropriate foreign language that requires at least the same competency level as completion of the first fifteen hours of the regular language sequence; or
  3. Pass an approved Oklahoma State University examination that demonstrates at least the same competency level as completion of the first fifteen hours of the regular language sequence.For detailed and latest information on this program, please contact one of the following:

School of International Studies, 107 Wes Watkins Center, 405-744-6606
Dr. Robert Cornell, robert.cornell@okstate.edu, 433 Business, 405-744-6377


Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
21 hours.

Complete nine hours of foundation courses: absolutely required, GEOG 2343; choose one: CS 1103, CS 1113, or MSIS 3363; choose one: GEOG 3333, GEOG 5303, GENT 1153, or MET 1223.

Complete three hours in each of the following four course groups:

  • Database Management: MSIS 3103, MSIS 4013, MSIS 5643, or NREM 5193.
  • Data Capture and Representation: BAE 5313, CIVE 3614, CIVE 5263, GEOG 4313, GEOG 4323, GEOG 4333/5333, GEOG 6313, or NREM 3083.
  • GIS Theory and Applications: GEOG 4343/5323 or GEOG 4353.
  • Advanced GIS Applications: GEOG 5343, GEOG 5353, GEOG 4510 (3 hours), GEOG 5510 (3 hours), or GEOG 6333.

Minimum GPA requirement for specific courses. For detailed and latest information of this program, please consult the Web site at http://www.geog.okstate.edu.

Dr. Jianjun Ge, jianjun.ge@okstate.edu, 318 Murray Hall, 405-744-2864.