2015-2016 College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology Minors

Architectural Studies: History and Theory (ASHT)
21 hours. ARCH 2003, and any six additional Architectural history/theory courses, may include ARCH 4373/5373 (European Program) and/or ARCH 3370 (Urban USA Program).  Up to 6 hours of ART History and Theory coursework may be included, but must be approved by faculty. GPA of 2.5 with no grade below "C." Randy Seitsinger, randy.seitsinger@okstate.edu, 101AK Donald W Reynolds Bldg, 405-744-9051.

Fire Protection Systems (FPS)
21 hours. FPST 1213, FPST 1373, FPST 2243, FPST 2483, FPST 3143, FPST 3373, FPST 4143, Fire Safety Hazards Recognition, Fire Suppression and Detection Systems, Design and Analysis of Sprinkler Systems, Fire Protection Hydraulics and Water Supply Analysis, Structural Design for Fire and Life Safety, Fire Dynamics, Industrial Ventilation and Smoke Control. Qingsheng Wang, qingsheng.wang@okstate.edu, 499 Cordell South, 405-744-5721.

Homeland Security Science and Technology (HSST)
22 hours. ENTO/PLP 2143, FPST 2344, POLS 3313, POLS 3893, AVED 4413, MSIS 4223, Global Issues in Agricultural Biosecurity and Forensics, Elements of Industrial Hygiene, Politics of the Middle East, Terrorism and Emergency Management, Aviation Terrorism and Asymmetrical Warfare, Information Assurance Management; and three hours from FPST 4403, CIVE 3813, or ENGR 4133. Qingsheng Wang, qingsheng.wang@okstate.edu, 499 Cordell South, 405-744-5721.

Nuclear Engineering (NENG) 
20-22 hours. ENGR 4213, and three hours from: ENGR 4211, ENGR 4201 and ENGR 4203; and nine hours from: ENGR 4233, ENGR 4243, ENGR 4223, ENGR 4273 to complete minor in Nuclear Energy Systems. Nine hours from ENGR 4243, ENGR 4263 and ENGR 4253 to complete minor in Nuclear Reactor Theory. Overall GPA of 2.5 in courses submitted for the minor. Grade of “C” or better in each course submitted for the minor. Dr. Raman P. Singh,raman.singh@okstate.edu, 201 ARTC, 405-744-5140.

Petroleum Engineering (PETE) 
18 hours. GEOL 3413, GEOL 4323, ENGR 4303, ENGR 4313, ENGR 4333 and ENGR 4343. GEOL 3413 is a prerequisite for all other courses. ENGR 4303 is a prerequsite for ENGR 4313, 4333 and 4343. Peter Clark,peter.clark@okstate.edu, 420 Engineering North 405-744-5280.

Safety and Exposure Sciences (SAES)
22 hours. FPST 1213, FPST 2023, FPST 2344, Fire Safety Hazards Recognition, Introduction to Occupational Safety Techniques, Elements of Industrial Hygiene; and 12 hours from: FPST 3233, FPST 3013, FPST 3213, ENGR 4123, AVED 4943, CIVE 3813, AVED 4113, CMT 4443, AVED 3243, ENGR 4133, or ENGR 4203. Qingsheng Wang, qingsheng.wang@okstate.edu, 499 Cordell South, 405-744-5721.

Contact the following individuals for information on areas of concentration:

Dr. Raman P. Singh, raman.singh@okstate.edu , 201 ATRC, 744-5140

Mr. Randy Seitsinger, randy.seitsinger@okstate.edu, 101AK Donald W Reynolds Bldg, 744-9051

Construction Management Technology:
Dr. Heather Yates, heather.yates@okstate.edu, 485 Cordell, 744-5712

Electrical Engineering Technology:
Dr. Imad Abouzahr, imad.abouzahr@okstate.edu, 398 Cordell, 744-8718

Fire Protection & Safety Technology:
Dr. Qingsheng Wang, qingsheng.wang@okstate.edu, 499 Cordell South, 744-2673

Mechanical Engineering Technology:
Dr. Richard Beier, rick.beier@okstate.edu, 294 Cordell, 744-5710