Fall 2016 Student Services

Our goal is to make registering for classes as simple as possible. Click on one of the links below:

Spring 2017 Enrollment Dates
Fall 2016 Enrollment Dates

Preparing for Fall 2016 Registration
The Portal
New Terminology

Preparing for Fall 2016 Registration

  1. The new student system empowers students to handle their own registration via Self Service throughout the semester.

  2. Find your Fall 2016 enrollment/registration date (Fall 2016 enrollment dates are subject to change, so check this website frequently for the latest information).

  3. Schedule a meeting with your academic adviser to plan your Fall 2016 class schedule. You won’t be able to enroll until your adviser clears you for registration. Contact your adviser early, as advising appointments fill quickly.

  4. Use these tips to search for Fall 2016 classes:

a.     Go to the public Class Schedule search page.

b.     Select Fall 2016 (View Only) from the term drop-down list, then click Submit.

c.     Select at least one Subject:

  i.   Type the first letters of a subject to jump to that subject.

 ii.   To select all subjects, click on the first one (Accounting) then press Shift + End keys.

 iii.   Press and hold the Ctrl key (or Command key on Macs) to select more than one subject at a time.

 iv.  You can use these techniques to select more than one item from the other search options.

d.     Narrow down your search as desired using the other selection options.

e.     Click the Class Search button.

The Portal

The new my.okstate.edu Portal is the starting place to access the new student system and other OSU systems via single sign-on. After logging into the portal with your O-Key information, click on the Self Service icon to access Self Service.

You can also click on other tabs in the portal to access other information. One browser window will remain open for the Portal. When you click on a link from the Portal (ex: Self Service), another browser window will open for that link.

Your portal login remains active for a specified amount of time. See the difference below between an Active Portal browser tab and an Inactive Portal tab:


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Fall 2016 Student Services
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