GPA Estimator

The GPA Estimator is a tool to help students estimate a future OSU GPA. Students enter “what if” course grades and credit hours to estimate their effect on the Current Term (formerly Semester) GPA and Overall (formally Cumulative Graduation/Retention) GPA. (See Academic Regulation 6.4 for GPA definitions.)

 Notice: This is an estimator only and does not constitute an official OSU GPA. The estimator does not take into account courses that may be excluded from the official GPA, such as activity, remedial, and repeated courses. Official OSU GPAs are provided on the unofficial academic transcript (available to students in Self Service) and on the official transcript (students may request official transcripts on Self Service or on the OSU Transcript Request website.

Enter your current GPA and GPA Hours (formerly QHRS) from your unofficial or official OSU transcript. Enter a “what if” course by selecting the number of credit hours for the course and an estimated course grade. Click "Add Course" to add a course to your semester course list. Remove a course by selecting the course and clicking "Remove."

Your estimated GPAs will be calculated as you add/remove courses.

OSU degree requirements and other policies generally use the official GPA truncated to two places after the decimal. For example, a 1.998 GPA is 1.99 when truncated to two decimals.


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