Preparing for Registration

The new student system empowers students to handle their own registration via Self Service throughout the semester. Follow these steps to prepare for registration: 

  • Find your expected enrollment/registration date on the upcoming semester Enrollment Guide, or from the Notes tab of your Student Profile.
  • Schedule a meeting with your academic adviser to plan your class schedule. You won’t be able to enroll until your adviser clears you for registration. Contact your adviser early, as advising appointments fill quickly.
  • From Student Self Service, check your Student Profile to see if you are eligible to register for classes. This site will notify you of factors that may prevent you from being eligible to register, such as holds, enrollment status and academic standing. You can also view your registration time ticket details here (once it’s been assigned).
  • Accessing Prepare for Registration (under Self Service Registration) will allow you to view registration permits/overrides that have been granted to you.
  • As you browse for classes, be sure to click into the class details (by clicking on the class title) to check for enforced prerequisites and other class restrictions that may prevent you from registering.
  • Check class start and end dates, and be sure you know if you’re registering in short classes that don’t follow the main semester calendar.
  • If you register in a class with variable credit hours, it will default to the lowest number of credit hours. Use the Schedule and Options tab of Self Service Registration to change credit hours in a variable credit class.
  • Become familiar with semester’s academic calendar, including drop/add and refund deadlines, particularly those for short classes that don’t follow the main semester calendar.
  • You can create a class schedule plan using the Plan Ahead option in Self Service Registration. This allows students and advisers to build a planned class schedule that can include courses and/or specific class sections, as well as notes about individual classes or about the overall plan. Students can register from a plan by clicking on the Plans tab in the Register for Classes area.
  • Update your Personal Information in Self Service.