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Career Services
Pamela Ehlers, EdDDirector

Career Services offers career-related assistance and educational programming to OSU students and alumni through a network of career services offices located in academic colleges as well as in the Student Union and OSU Alumni Association.

Staff members assist students one-on-one in exploring academic majors, and careers offer insight into obtaining part-time jobs through online job listings and other search strategies, host nearly a dozen specialized career fairs each year, and organize employer information sessions. Through campus recruiting students have connection opportunities with thousands of employers annually. Additionally, students receive support with other options, including campus involvement, job shadowing, leadership, and volunteer experiences to build the skills necessary for future employment.

Career developmental activities, including help in identifying a major well suited to a student’s interests, skills, abilities, and values are facilitated by Career Consultants available in each career services office. Career Consultants assist students through the use of various career assessments, followed by one-on-one appointments to further discuss the results of the assessment, and offer career and academic major research. Students work with a Career Consultant throughout their collegiate career to build professional application materials as they explore internships, graduate educational experiences and full-time employment. In addition to individual consultations, Career Consultants offer mock interviews, career development workshops, and other specialized programming for students. All of these services continue and build as students graduate and become members of the OSU Alumni Association.

Job search assistance is primarily available through the departmental website This site allows students and alumni to access the Hire System, where employers interested in OSU students and graduates post opportunities for full-time jobs, internships, co-ops, federal work-study positions,  and part-time jobs. Additional job search and preparation tools such as Interview Steam, My World Abroad,, and other job search resources and assessments are accessible through

Career Services offers a number of free and discounted job search supplies to enhance students’ professional image. Examples of these include ready references that address nearly every frequently asked question pertaining to success in the job search, as well as free resume, paper and thank you notes to use at career fairs and during the application process. Products like portfolios and business cards are also available at a discount for student use from the OSU Career Services office located in 360 Student Union.

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Information Technology
Darlene HightowerChief Information Officer

Information Technology (IT) creates and manages OSU’s technology infrastructure. IT provides technology services such as email systems, software, network, course management system, identity and access management (ID cards and O-Key), information security, technology support, and others. IT develops and maintains the background data systems between and among the campuses in the OSU A&M system.

Service Access. O-Key, the identity and access management system, coordinates identity properties and university roles to create unique access to technology services. O-Key is also used for setting up email preferences, emergency contacts, manage IT system passwords, and emergency alert preferences. Portal. The Banner portal is a “one stop” location for accessing many university systems such as announcements, communications, financial aid, payroll, enrollment, housing, departmental information, human resources, transcripts, the Online Classroom, and more.

ID Cards.The OSU identification card is provided to each person with a formal affiliation with OSU. Card-holders use the ID card to make on-campus purchases, meal plan transactions, library checkouts, get free off-campus bus transportation, access certain events, gain access to authorized doors, and the Colvin Recreation Center. 

Email. The “” email address is the address used by the university for official business.  Through O-Key, students select either Cowboy Mail (Microsoft Office 365) or Orange Mail (Google Mail) as their email delivery service. OSU employees use Microsoft Office 365.

Cloud Storage. Storage for digital files and documents is handled through the storage provided by Microsoft 365 (Cowboy Mail), or Google (Orange Mail).  Storage on both systems is available to students even though email is delivered through just one system.  OSU employees may have additional storage through their departments through the common group drives.

Network. Network services include the wired and wireless network and telephone services on campus. Wireless coverage of the Stillwater campus can be found at Signing into the OSUSTUDENT or OSUSTAFF requires active O-Key credentials. Access is based on enrollment status for students or confirmation of employment for staff.

Remote Network Access.  Authorized persons can use the Virtual Private Network (VPN) to get a secure encrypted connection to OSU’s internal network. VPN provides secure connections to any authorized on-campus resource over the Internet from off campus. 
Computer Labs. The four IT computer labs include desktop computers, printers, scanners, standard software suites, and specialized software. Instructors can reserve selected labs for classroom use . Printing is available at no charge.  Lab locations and hours can be found at Students can use the Virtual Labs - an online version of the IT labs.

Software Distribution Center. Information Technology contracts with several companies to provide a variety of software to the OSU community. Availability is dependent up on the contract and an individual’s roles with the university. The full Microsoft Office is available to students, faculty, and staff. Other offerings may include math and statistical software, assistive technology, design software, and more. Access to the software is at the Software Distribution Center at

Remote Printing. Remote printing is a service that allows users to send electronic documents to a server that holds the file(s) for up to six hours. The user can pick up the document by going to the selected print station. Print stations are located in the Student Union, all IT computer labs, and various sites in Residential Life.  

Learning Technologies. OSU’s course management system, BrightSpace by D2L, is the cloud version of Desire2Learn (D2L).  As of the fall of 2016, users will get to the Online Classroom by going through the Banner portal at  Most instructors use this online software to post course materials. In the Online Classroom, instructors may use other tools such as Respondus Lockdown Browser to restrict students’ access to other sites and chats while taking tests.  Turnitin is a tool that reviews electronic documents for plagiarism. Clickers, or Audience Response Solutions, is a technology for enhancing active learning in the classroom. .

IT Helpdesk. The OSU-IT Helpdesk provides free tech support to the OSU community. Helpdesk staff troubleshoot computer-related issues and gives desk-side support to many offices on campus. They are available by phone (405-744-4357), email (, or face-to-face service (113 Math Sciences during regular business hours). Find more information visit us at

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Parking and Transit Services
Steve SpradlingDirector of Parking and Transportation Services
Jan Hernandez
Manager, Parking and OrangeRide Bicycle Rental and Repair
Tom DuncanManager, Transportation Services

Vehicle Registration and Parking Regulations. Any motor vehicle parked on University property between the hours of 5:00 am and 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday, must display a valid OSU paid parking permit or pass. The color and type of permit indicates the area where the vehicle may be parked. Use of a motor vehicle on University property is a privilege, not a right, and is made available only under the policies established in the University Parking and Traffic Regulations manual currently in effect. Any vehicle driven or parked on the campus of the University by an OSU student or employee should be registered with the OSU Parking Services.

The purpose of these regulations is to expedite the safe and orderly conduct of University business and to provide parking facilities in support of that function within the limits of available spaces. Purchase your permit online at; new faculty or staff, vendor, handicap, university vehicle, carpooling, retiree, construction, registration or special permits must be purchased in person at the Parking and Transportation Services office. A copy of the OSU Parking Rules and Regulations booklet is available from the Parking Services office, 1006 West Hall of Fame on the corner of Monroe and Hall of Fame; or view online at

Bicycle registration with the OSU Department of Parking and Transportation Services is advantageous in the event the bicycle is stolen or lost. When bicycles are recovered by the department they are checked against bicycle serial numbers maintained in the registration files for return of the bicycle to the rightful owner. Permits are free of charge and can be obtained in-house or online (shipping fees will apply). Prior to obtaining a permit you are required to review safety guidelines before registering your bicycle. You can view the tutorial, and take the quiz online at

OrangeRide Bicycle Rental and Repair. OrangeRide is a bicycle rental program being offered to promote affordable and convenient transportation to the campus and Stillwater community. The shop, which is located on the west end of the Multi-Modal Terminal, will be open Monday-Friday 8am-5pm offering rentals on a daily, weekly, or by semester basis. In addition to bicycle rental, the shop will also provide basic bicycle repair for personally owned bicycles. (405) 744-BIKE

Transit Services. The BUS is the campus and community transit service operated by the Department of Parking and Transportation Services.  The BUS offers fixed route transit and on-demand paratransit service year-round. Bus transportation is available from 6:30 am until 10:30 pm Monday through Friday during the school year and 6:30 am until 7:00 pm during the summer. Route and time information are available at the Parking and Transit Services office or online at

THE BUS also offers an online bus tracking system at where you can select a route and identify where the buses are on route in relation to your location, available on your desktop and mobile device (Android and iPhone apps).
Tulsa Shuttle. BOB, OSU’s Big Orange Bus, is a shuttle service between the Stillwater and Tulsa campuses. There are nine round trips daily from each campus Monday - Thursday; seven round trips on Friday. It is open to current students, staff and faculty and is now open to the public. The cost is $7.50 one way for students; and $13 one way for faculty/staff and public. Reservations can be made in Stillwater at the Shuttle office in 1006 West Hall of Fame, at the corner of Hall of Fame and Monroe, Monday - Friday 7:30 am to 5:00 pm, or in Tulsa at the North Hall Information Center, Monday - Thursday from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm and Friday from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm. In Stillwater, call 405.744.7100 and in Tulsa call 918.594.8332 or visit

Jefferson Lines connects to thousands of destinations in the USA, Canada and Mexico. Tickets may be purchased at the Multimodal Transportation Terminal at 1006 West Hall of Fame, by phone at 405.744.7100 or online at

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Housing and Residential Life
Leon McClinton, Jr., PhD—Director of Residential Life
Shannon Baughman
Associate Director of Operations: Conferences, Facilities, and Marketing
Elizabeth Carver-Cyr—Assistant Director, Family and Graduate Student Housing

Delton GordonAssistant Director, Residential Life
Jon HuntAssistant Director, Administrative & Business Services

Marcy Louis—Assistant Director, Residential Life
Tanya Massey—Assistant Director, Programs and Development

The Department of Housing and Residential Life offers 32 residence halls, six family-first neighborhoods, several special interest housing options, and countless leadership activities for students. Students who live on campus graduate sooner and maintain higher grades than their off-campus counterparts. More than 500 students are involved in planning and leading educational, recreational, and social activities within the halls. 

Freshmen are required to live in campus approved housing. Students are expected to comply with this University policy. Students who are required to live on campus will automatically be billed and assigned if they fail to submit a housing contract. Subject to verification and authorization by the university, students will be given permission to live off campus provided any one of the exemption categories listed is satisfied:

• A student is residing and continues to reside in the established primary residence of her/his parents (or legal guardian) if it is within a 30-mile radius of OSU. The parents must have established their primary residency at least six months prior to the request for an exemption. Legal guardianship must have been established by the court of law at least one year prior to a request for an exemption in order to be considered. Click here to download a copy of the Sworn Statement of Commuter Status Form;

• A student is married or has dependent children living with the student;
• A student is 21 years of age or older on or before the first day of classes of the initial semester of enrollment;
• A student has successfully completed 28 or more hours of academic credit prior to the student’s enrollment or re-enrollment. Credit earned by exam (Advanced Placement, CLEP, ACT, SAT) and hours received from concurrent high school credit are not considered.
• A student has served in active military service, as verified by a discharge certificate (DD214);
• A student presents sufficient evidence of an extreme medical condition, as documented by her/his treating physician for which on-campus accommodations cannot be made. Click here to download a copy of the Medical Hardship form.
• A student presents sufficient evidence of an extreme financial hardship condition based on similar guidelines as for Financial Aid. Click here to download a copy of the Financial Hardship form.
• A student presents sufficient and satisfactory evidence of extreme or unusual hardship that will be intensified by living in the residence halls.

All accommodations are rented on a contract date priority basis. While there is no deadline to apply for housing, prospective students are encouraged to return their applications and contracts at least nine months before the desired occupancy. This will improve the chances of receiving the preferred on-campus housing location.

Traditional Halls, Suites and Apartments. OSU offers four living styles to choose from when picking a place to live: traditional halls, modified traditional halls, suites, and apartments offer a variety of living accommodations. Traditional residence halls include Drummond, Iba, Parker, Stout, and Wentz Halls. The newest addition to campus is University Commons- three modified traditional buildings offering housing for women in University Commons North, and co-ed housing in University Commons South and University Commons West.  Six suite buildings make up the area referred to as The Village. Suite units are also offered in Bennett, Allen, Booker, Jones, Patchin, Stinchcomb, and Zink Halls. Apartments can be found in Bost, Carreker East, Carreker West, Davis, Kamm, Morsani-Smith, Payne-Ellis, Peterson-Friend, Sitlington, and Young Halls.

All halls are open continuously throughout the academic year. Year round housing (9-month academic contract plus a summer contract) is available as well.

Studies show that living on campus can be more affordable than living off campus. Some students save as much as $500 per academic year by living on campus. Just one bill pays for a student's rent, meal plan, and all utilities including cable TV and Internet connection. Rates rarely increase during the academic year, even when roommate(s) move out.
Students are offered several lifestyle options. University Commons North houses women only. All other halls are co-ed. Residential Life offers numerous Living Learning Communities for students to consider when choosing their housing options. The LLCs are developed as partnerships and provide housing, programming, and faculty interactions based on major or area of interest. A complete list of all Living Learning Communities may be found at
In every residence hall there is a well-trained, professional staff member to coordinate the day-to-day operations of the building, as well as student staff whose primary function is to see that students benefit educationally from their residential living experience. Each floor or wing has a live-in student staff member, the Resident Advisor, who is responsible for assisting and guiding the residents. Student staff members are undergraduate students specially trained in all aspects of residential area living with the experience and knowledge to answer questions and act as an adviser for student governments and programs.

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Family and Graduate Student Housing

Almost 600 apartments are available to serve students in the following priority: families, single graduate students, and single, upper class, undergraduate students. Priority is given to those single students who have lived in the residence halls.
Apartments are two-bedroom units with optional furnishings. The apartments have sidewalks, off-street parking, play areas, and two community laundry facilities. 
School bus transportation is provided to the Stillwater High, Junior High, and Middle schools, and to Westwood and Will Rogers elementary schools.
The Family Resource Center, located in the Family and Graduate Student Housing area, offers a variety of programs to meet the needs of the residents. These programs vary depending upon the needs of the clientele. Typical programs include: English as a Second Language class (ESL), after-school programs, children's programs, as well as cultural and social gatherings. 

Family and Graduate Student Housing provide an on-site staff member, an Apartment Assistant (AA), who is readily available to the residents. Each AA has responsibility for about 90 apartments. The AA's duties include helping residents resolve conflicts, meet neighbors and find appropriate community services. They also provide information about the facilities and the University, and provide referrals to appropriate University offices for residents' needs. The AA can be a very helpful person for all residents.

To read more about the types of housing offered, compare options and rental rates, and take a 360 degree virtual tour, please visit the website at For further information or questions, please contact the OSU Housing and Residential Life Office, Iba Hall, Stillwater, OK 74078, 405.744.5592.

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Mobility Impaired Student Housing

All types of residence halls and many Family and Graduate Student apartments offer some housing for students who have impaired mobility. Upon notification, the Department of Housing Residential Life routinely modifies rooms and apartments to meet an individual's special needs. This modification may take several months, so advance notification is critical.

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Residence Hall Student Organizations

Residence halls are popular places to live on the OSU campus. The housing and food service programs have a proud tradition of excellence recognized nationwide. Much of the success of the residence halls is the strong and vital student government system consisting of floor governments, councils for each hall or complex and the Residence Halls Association, which represents all halls on campus.
All residence halls on campus combine to form the Residence Halls Association (RHA). The Residence Halls Association acts as the voice of residential area students to the University administration concerning policies and regulations, and coordinates campus-wide activities for the enrichment of residential area living.  Each hall has its own elected officers and constitution, and is a part of the RHA system of representative government. There are numerous opportunities for involvement in the halls, such as floor officer, social committees, food committees, and sports and athletic activities.
The Activate! Leadership Program is designed to provide incoming students the opportunity to learn about leadership opportunities in the residence halls. To date over 700 students have participated in this leadership development program.

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Students With Children
Information on child care in the Stillwater community is available at the following locations on campus:
Family Resource Center, 719 N. Walnut, 405.744.6539
Non-Traditional Student Services, 036 Classroom Building, 405.744.5488, Marie Basler, coordinator
Non-Traditional Student Organization, 250 Student Union, 405.744.7508

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University Dining Services

University Dining Services (UDS) offers more than 30 dining options at the Oklahoma State University campus. UDS makes every effort to provide options to satisfy the hungriest student, the most selective eater, and those who prefer vegetarian options or have limited diets. The choices are endless, with something available from early morning to late night. From national franchises and specialty restaurants to convenience stores with freshly-made grab and go options, UDS provides students with the very best offerings. 
UDS also realizes how important it is to provide healthy options for its customers. These options include vegetarian and vegan choices, organic options, and farm fresh produce. UDS is also proud to be a partner with the Seretean Wellness Center in the Choose Orange program, which follows the U.S. Dietary Guidelines for Americans. The Choose Orange logo on an item signifies that it’s a healthy choice.  Look for it at UDS outlets across campus. 
All freshmen living on campus are required to have a meal plan. Meal plans can be used at any UDS outlet on campus. To learn more about everything UDS has to offer, please visit

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University Counseling Services
Trevor Richardson, PhD—Interim Director
Dylan Burns, PhD—Senior Clinical Counselor
Carol Challenger, PhD—Senior Clinical Counselor
Joseph Dunnigan, PhD—Senior Clinical Counselor
Joni Hays, PhD—Coordinator, Reboot Center
Avina Khiatani, PhD
—Senior Clinical Counselor
E. David Kuekes, MD—Psychiatrist
Diana Littlefield, MS – Substance Abuse Counselor
Kara Niccum, MS—Substance Abuse Counselor
Tamara Richardson, PhD—Senior Clinical Counselor/Training Director
Veronica Sutton, MSOutreach Specialist
Cindy Washington, MSClinical Counselor
Anna Weese, PhDSenior Clinical Counselor
The University Counseling Services provides, through the Student Counseling Center—confidential, professional, personal, and career counseling for OSU students. Both individual and group counseling is available. Assistance is offered for emotional problems, as they affect personal and academic goals, intellectual functioning or relationships with others. Among the variety of concerns dealt with in counseling are stress, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, substance use/abuse, interpersonal relationships, and career indecision. Psychiatric consultation is available as needed.
University Counseling Services also assists students with problems, concerns, and experiences relating to educational difficulties; i.e., study habits, test-taking stress, lack of motivation, or attitudes related to school. All information regarding appointments and content of counseling is strictly confidential.
University Counseling Services operates the Reboot Center. The Reboot Center offers free services to help students manage stress.  An inviting space to relax, re-charge and re-focus.  Computer software platforms with video games and visualization help to facilitate stress management skills.  Individual consultation about managing stress and improving performance is available.
A broad range of developmental and proactive programming is offered through University Counseling Services in outreach and service to living groups, organizations and academic classes.
The University Counseling Services is an accredited member of the International Association of Counseling Services, Inc.

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Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance Program

Office of Equal Opportunity
OSU is committed to improving the full and nondiscriminatory participation in all aspects of campus life for individuals with disabilities. Considerable progress has been made to enhance ADA access to OSU programs, services, facilities and grounds. Students with disabilities are encouraged to help with such efforts by identifying and reporting barriers and other access issues encountered throughout the University Community to the Office of Equal Opportunity. Any student who believes they have experienced discrimination on the basis of a disability can seek resolution through the Equal Opportunity Officer.  For more information, contact the Office of Equal Opportunity, 408 Whitehurst, 405-744-9153, email address

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Student Disability Services
Isabel Medina Keiser—Coordinator

Student Disability Services (SDS) at Oklahoma State University offers academic support to students with disabilities attending the Stillwater campus. Student Disability Services is committed to providing a community that ensures full participation for students. Additionally, Student Disability Services is a resource for faculty and staff members. Appropriate services are determined on an individualized basis and may include academic advisement, specialized testing, accessible textbooks, classroom access, assistive technology, and other services based on disability-related need. Students must initiate a request for services by contacting Student Disability Services at 315 Student Union, 405.744.7116, fax 405.744.8380. In addition, students may exercise certain ADA appeal “rights” if dissatisfied with student services and or their academic accommodations (forms and procedures will be made available as requested).

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University Health Services
Chris Barlow, MHA—Director

Oklahoma State University is as interested in the student's physical and emotional well-being as it is in his or her intellectual and cultural development. Good health will not guarantee academic success, but it will help; while poor health, either physical or emotional, can impair both the academic and the extracurricular career.

University Health Services maintains a staff of full-time physicians, nurses, laboratory technologists, pharmacists, x-ray technicians, and other necessary support personnel who make a specialty of providing the best possible care at the least possible expense for the student. 
University Health Services is an ambulatory primary care facility, designed to provide cost-effective, physician-directed health care to students. Laboratory, x-ray, pharmacy and elective services are provided on a fee for service basis. In the event a medical condition exists that is beyond the scope of the services offered, referrals can be made to a family physician or a local physician in Stillwater. Emergency services are offered by Stillwater Medical Center 24 hours a day. University Health Services is fully accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care.
Health Requirements. All new students are required to complete the OSU Health History and Immunization form. Oklahoma law requires that students report their compliance with certain required immunizations; specifically measles, mumps, rubella, hepatitis B, and meningitis. Information about the requirements for compliance is explained in detail on the OSU Health History form that is available for download from the Internet at Failure to comply with these guidelines may prevent future enrollment.
Tuberculosis Testing International Students. All international students are required to be screened for tuberculosis prior to being allowed to complete initial enrollment. This screening must be completed at University Health Services. If screening indicates that TB testing be performed, the student will be responsible for the cost of testing.  No tests from outside the US will be accepted.  A chest x-ray film from outside the US does NOT satisfy this requirement.
Tuberculosis Testing Domestic Students. Domestic students who meet any of the following criteria need to be screened for tuberculosis:
  • Students who have resided outside the U.S. for more than eight weeks continuously or
  • Students with a health/medical condition that suppresses the immune system or
  • Students with known exposure to someone with active tuberculosis disease. 

    For more information contact University Health Services, 1202 West Farm Road, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Oklahoma, 74078, or download the form from the Internet at

Mandatory Health Insurance for Non-Immigrant Students

The Oklahoma State University Board of Regents requires that non-immigrant students maintain health insurance as a condition of enrollment. The premium for the Student Health Insurance Plan will be included with tuition and fees for all non-immigrant Oklahoma State University Students.  Please note that Oklahoma State University Human Resources no longer accepts insurance waivers (even for those who have already purchased their own health insurance). All international students will be enrolled in the university’s insurance. Questions regarding plan details and pricing should be directed towards Oklahoma State University Human Resources.

The insurance premium will be waived for students who provide documented evidence of health insurance coverage, including medical evacuation and repatriation, by an employer whose plan meets the standards of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Nonimmigrant students employed by OSU and eligible for the OSU employee insurance plan will not be covered by the student plan. Documentation of health insurance through OSU as an employee of OSU must be presented to Oklahoma State University Human Resources. 
Students employed by OSU as either Graduate Teaching Assistants or Graduate Research Assistants may receive the Student Insurance Plan as part of their assistantship.  Please inquire about that with the academic department in which the assistantship is located. 
If you have an appointment as an OSU Graduate Teaching or Research Assistant, OSU provides the student health insurance policy for you.  You will be required to submit a request for waiver.  Waivers are required to be submitted by the end of the fifth day of classes. Waiver forms can be found at:

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Department of Leadership and Campus Life
John Mark Day—Director, Department of Leadership and Campus Life
Ruth Loffi—Department of Leadership and Campus Life Administrative Associate
Brandon Mitts—Manager, Allied Arts and Special Events
Stephen Haseley—Manager, Center for Ethical Leadership
Dawson Metcalf—Coordinator, Camp Cowboy/Leadership Programming
Marie Basler—Coordinator, Non-Traditional Student Services
Kayla Loper—Coordinator, Student Union Programs
Haley Kurtz—Administrative Support, Allied Arts/SUAB
Joyce Montgomery—Coordinator, Service-Learning Volunteer Center
Ival Gregory—Assistant Director, Fraternity & Sorority Affairs
Ann Reightler—Coordinator, Fraternity & Sorority Affairs
Melisa Echols—Administrative Support, Fraternity & Sorority Affairs
Fran Gragg—Assistant Director, Leadership and Campus Life
Tim Huff—Assistant Director, International Students & Scholars (ISS)
Regina Henry—Coordinator of Immigration, ISS
Linda Dunbar—Coordinator, International Tax, ISS
Karen Sebring—Coordinator, Sponsored Students, ISS
Elizabeth Scott—International Student Specialist, ISS
Anne Mahoney—Coordinator of International Undergraduate Admission, ISS
Vivian Wang—Manager of Recruitment and Development in China, ISS
Trisha Chaparala—International Student Specialist, ISS

The Department of Leadership and Campus Life is in the forefront of co-curricular activities on campus. Enhancing a sense of "Campus Community" is a key thrust of this department. It is responsible for the facilitation and implementation of programming for students and student organizations at the University. The Department of Leadership and Campus Life's commitment is to provide an environment that encourages interaction among students, faculty, staff and the community at large through organizations to provide the best quality of services with integrity and respect for a diverse population.

Services provided by the Department of Leadership and Campus Life Center, 211 Student Union, insurance for OSU sponsored trips, notary public, registering posters, fliers and signs, student organization records in liaison with the Student Government Association, Motor Pool requests, campus work orders for student groups, scholarship and membership applications, and a resource center that offers a wide variety of brochures on various subjects.

Additional information about all our services is found at The Department of Leadership and Campus Life at OSU encompasses the following administrative and programming areas:

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Allied Arts

OSU Allied Arts was established in 1922 and is the longest running university performing arts series in the state. Our priority is to broaden students’ horizons by presenting artistically rich and culturally diverse performing arts events. This series gives many students their first taste of opera, ballet, jazz, Shakespeare, or even the Golden Dragon Acrobats from China!  Students, faculty and staff can purchase a subscription for all events, or individual tickets to specific shows. To find out more, “Like” OSU Allied Arts & Special Events on Facebook. Also, ticket information and the performance schedule are available at

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CampusLink is OSU’s student organization database offering information about over 450 student groups at OSU, student development transcript and volunteer service recording. Every student should login to CampusLink and set up their profiles since this is also where all campuswide elections are held. To login, go to and use your email and password.

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Fraternity & Sorority Affairs

Oklahoma State University’s award winning fraternity and sorority community is comprised of members of four governing councils: Interfraternity Council, Multicultural Greek Council, National Pan-Hellenic Council, and Panhellenic Council. While the fraternal community at Oklahoma State University began more than one hundred years ago, its impact continues to flourish on campus. Today, more than 5,000 students are strong and vital members of the OSU fraternity and sorority community. We are proud to have a thriving system on campus with numerous, diverse nationally recognized fraternities and sororities represented. 

Our fraternity and sorority community offers students a unique opportunity to have a balanced college life with a focus on academic excellence, brotherhood/sisterhood, community service and responsible social interaction. Greek affiliation also allows students to make lasting friendships with individuals with similar ideals and common purposes. For more information, visit our website at

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Honor and Service Organizations

OSU offers opportunities for personal and professional development through many nationally-affiliated honor and service organizations. These organizations provide opportunities for leadership and program development, new friendships and recognition of achievement. University-wide organizations include:

Blue Key (junior and senior honor society)
Golden Key (junior and senior honor society)
Mortar Board (junior and senior honor society)
National Society of Collegiate Scholars
Order of Omega (honor society for sorority and fraternity members)
Phi Eta Sigma (freshman and sophomore honor society)
Phi Kappa Phi (national honor society for seniors and graduate students)
(See college sections for organizations within each college.) Also on campuslink at

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International Students and Scholars

The Office of International Students and Scholars (ISS) provide assistance to more than 2,000 nonimmigrant students and scholars from more than 100 countries around the world. The goals of ISS are to assist international students and scholars with education on U.S. immigration regulations, orientation to the OSU environment and the American culture, exposure to the University resources available, and familiarization with the campus and community.
ISS is responsible for advisement and support to students, faculty and staff on matters specifically related to international students and scholars. Additional international related services include admission of international undergraduate students, employment and tax assistance, immigration consultation, liaison with embassies, consulates and sponsoring agencies, legal referrals, academic referrals, orientation programs, community involvement, logistical support for special and nonacademic short term programs and development in China.
ISS provides numerous services to newly admitted international students prior to and after their arrival in the U.S. Some of the services include pre-arrival information, ground transportation from the Oklahoma City airport to OSU, banking, orientation, enrollment assistance, employment clearances, and support as needed. ISS informs continuing students on events and immigration issues through its weekly ISS listserv and web page. ISS also provides various public presentations on internationally-related issues as requested.
ISS supports numerous events and activities through the sponsorship of the International Student Organization (ISO) that encourage American and international student integration as well as faculty and staff participation. ISS is located at 250 Student Union within the Department of Leadership and Campus Life. Find us at ISO can be found at this link

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Oklahoma State University, through its academic organizations and student groups, has a significant number of speakers each year, enriching the intellectual life on campus. Individuals, from both off-campus and on-campus, share their expertise with faculty, students, staff, and town's people on a wide variety of topics.

Many of the academic units as well as student groups invite speakers to their meetings in order to enhance the educational component of the University. These lectures are generally of interest to specific academic areas, rather than to the general campus. 

The Student Government Association, through its Speaker's Board, brings major figures in politics, entertainment, and business to the campus. The Student Union Activities Board also has a speaker's program related to topics of general student interest. Other student organizations conduct active lecture programs concerning their interest areas.

Allied Arts conducts lecture-demonstrations in conjunction with its performing arts presentations. In this manner, students can gain additional knowledge of the performing arts and its artists.

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Non-Traditional Student Services

The primary goal is to assist nontraditional students, anyone with at least a two-year break in education, by providing support, information and referrals. The coordinator serves as a resource person for the entire campus community and seeks to raise the awareness of faculty, administrators and students with regard to the needs of this special group. All nontraditional students are encouraged to stop by the Department of Leadership and Campus Life Center, 211 Student Union to discuss their concerns or questions. The coordinator also advises students who have rent-related difficulties, such as landlord disputes, or who are looking for housing off-campus. Find us at

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The Center for Ethical Leadership

To meet the leadership challenges of the 21st Century, Oklahoma State University’s Center for Ethical Leadership develops and prepares students to be creative, ethical, inclusive, and effective leaders.  Through the collaborative efforts of a variety of academic and student affairs’ programs and staff, the mission of the Center for Ethical Leadership is to create, administer, and facilitate the following leadership development activities for OSU students:
•    Multidisciplinary instruction and scholarship in leadership and ethics
•    Opportunities to experience, meet, and interact with a variety of significant leadership speakers
•    Co-curricular and service-learning field experiences
•    International leadership study abroad opportunities 
The Center’s Programs are divided into Curricular, Co-Curricular, and Recognition Programs.  In the Curricular Programs we administer President’s Leadership Council, McKnight Leader/Scholar Program, The Leadership Study Abroad Program and The Leadership Minor Program. In the Co-Curricular Program we offer The Emerging Leaders Program (LEAD), and The Leadership-in-Residence Speaker Series.  Every spring semester as part of our recognition programs we acknowledge and celebrate leaders through the Oklahoma State University’s President Leadership Recognition Reception. Find us at

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Office of Parent and Family Relations

Cowboy Parents consists of OSU parents and family members whose goal is to support their students and the University by sponsoring events, activities and scholarships both on campus and in their home communities. Cowboy Parents sponsors scholarships for students, safety programs for students and the Parents' Handbook that is distributed during new student orientation. The Association sponsors an annual family weekend and dad's day during the fall of each year and mom's day during the spring. Members receive free publications, a membership card that entitles them to discounts at select Stillwater area merchants, a vehicle decal to display and electronic newsletters that remind them of campus events, important dates, and deadlines on campus.
The purpose of the Cowboy Parents is to:
•    enhance communication between the University and the parents of Oklahoma State students.
•    provide parents with a supporting role in the education of their students, while providing a forum for
        networking with other parents.
•    take an active role in promoting the excellence of the University.
The objective of the Cowboy Parents is to:
•    encourage parents to support the programs and activities of the University.
•    help parents and students in the transitional time when the student begins college.
•    support the academic community at Oklahoma State University.
•    cultivate and recruit new students and families to the University.
•    support student affairs and student services that enhances the students out-of-class experience.
Membership dues are $35.00 annually or a onetime payment of $105.00 for lifetime membership. To join, visit the group's website at

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Religious Life

Campus religious centers, supported by state and national church bodies specifically to serve the University community, provide opportunity for worship in both traditional and contemporary services; religious education commensurate with higher learning for the development of the whole person; counseling that maintains a spiritual basis for the cohesion and meaning of life; and social activities which allow relationships and life views to deepen. The 18 religious centers have strategic locations close to campus and, in addition to their own ministry, coordinate many of their efforts with each other, other campus religious organizations and the University administration through the Interfaith Council.

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Service Learning Volunteer Center

Since the Service-Learning Volunteer Center’s inception in 1984, Oklahoma State University students have served at hundreds of non-profit agencies, building a reputation of civic responsibility within higher education and other communities in Oklahoma. Working together toward a common goal, the Service-Learning Volunteer Center has had an impact on communities worldwide. The focus of the Service-Learning Volunteer Center is to provide OSU students with opportunities that reflect academic needs and personal interests. Working with local, state and national non-profit agencies, students at Oklahoma State University are provided with opportunities to grow and excel through meaningful hands-on involvement in service, research and academic activities. Through information sessions and an annual service-learning fair, a traditional fall event, the Service Learning Volunteer Center keeps students informed about upcoming events and needs in the local community. Through service-learning, students learn and develop through active participation in thoughtfully organized service experiences that meet actual community needs. The Service-Learning Volunteer Center continues to enrich lives of our community members through intergenerational and interpretive service projects. It is only through the exceptional spirit of volunteerism at Oklahoma State University that the SLVC records immense success in its programs and activities. With more than 230,000 hours of community service recorded, we continue to set and reach new goals.

Further information is available on the Internet at

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Student Development Transcript 

The Student Development Transcript (SDT) gives OSU students the opportunity to record their co-curricular activities in a format similar to an academic transcript. Involvement in all campus organizations may be included. The transcript can be used with applications for scholarships, honorary organizations and with resumes for job applications. Students login to CampusLink at to begin their transcript. You may contact the Department of Leadership and Campus Life at for more information.

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Student Union Activities Board

SUAB is the premier programming board at Oklahoma State, enriching OSU through cultural, entertainment, and recreational activities. Students in SUAB coordinate events that are as diverse in nature as the students at OSU, such as major concerts, comedians, speakers, Cowboy Showcase, movies, Bingo, a Coffee House/Open Mic series and Pride Week, featuring Stillwater’s only drag show and many other events.  SUAB has five programming committees and five administrative chairs. It is one of the most active campus organizations at OSU.  Find us at

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