Student Profile (for Students)

The Student Profile consolidates many details about a student in a single page within Self Service, and will eventually replace some menu items from the current Student Records menu.

Information available from the Student Profile includes:

  • Student name and ID
  • Basic biographic and demographic information (email, phone, date of birth)
  • General information about the student (level, classification, student status, residency)
  • Graduation information, including degrees earned at OSU and links to active graduation applications
  • Academic advisor details
  • Curriculum details (primary and secondary programs)
  • Class schedule (the Registered Courses list only includes active registrations, and not withdrawn or waitlisted classes)
  • Prior education details (including institutions attended and degrees earned) and Test Scores
  • Academic Standing
  • Overall earned hours and GPA
  • Notes

As a reminder, you can find your Summer and Fall 2019 enrollment date (or time ticket) on the Notes tab of your Student Profile (click the back arrow to view details).

  • A Registration Notices section, which displays information about items that could impact a student’s ability to register for the term, including registration time ticket details:

  • A summary of active Holds.

  • Click the arrow to the right of each hold to view the hold details.