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Progress Report/ Academic Alert System for Advisers


The OSU Academic Alert System is a communication tool within OSU's STAR System used to support the academic success and retention of our students. Through this system, instructors can report information about student attendance and performance to students and advisers. The system allows for submission of a progress report (good academic performance) or an academic alert (academic concerns), including excessive absences.


Submission of an academic alert generates an email message to the student as well as provides information to the student's adviser(s). The student is asked to contact the instructor to discuss ways to improve and to contact the academic adviser to obtain help with developing a plan for success. Academic advisers are expected to initiate contact with students identified by the alert to provide advising assistance and appropriate referrals to tutoring services, career counseling, personal counseling, and other campus resources.

How to Submit an Academic Alert (including Excessive Absence Reports)


  • Login to OSU’s STAR System, available from the portal by clicking the STAR System icon.
  • Ensure you are in the Professor Home view. If your view defaults to “Adviser Home,” click the down arrow to the right of Adviser Home and select Professor Home.
  • Click the Progress Reports link in the “Class Listing” area next to the class section to be taken to the Progress Reports page for that section.
  • Check the box next to the student in the class list. Then click the down arrow next to “Actions” and select Create a New Progress Report to open a new progress report form for the student.
  • Click the “Yes” radio button to submit an Academic Alert.
  • Indicate students with excessive absences by selecting one of the following “Alert Reasons”:
    • No Evidence of Attendance - Use this option if you have no evidence that the student has ever attended class (no assignments submitted, no attendance roster, etc.)
    • Excessive Absences – Use this option if you have concerns about the student’s class attendance. The determination of excessive absences is up to each individual instructor. Enter the number of absences at the time of the alert in the next field if desired.
    • Stopped Attending - Use this option if the student has attended some classes but is no longer attending. Be sure to provide the date of last attendance for the student within the Comments box in the format (MM/DD/YY).
  • Select additional alert reasons as appropriate. Note that affected students will receive an email indicating submission of the alert which will include all of the “Alert Reasons” you provide.
    • Poor Quality Work - The quality of a student’s work is unsatisfactory. This may include assignments, quizzes, exams, and other coursework.
    • Missing Work - The student has failed to complete assignments, quizzes, exams, or other course work.
    • Cannot Pass with Remaining Coursework - The student’s performance thus far is such that it is not possible for the student to earn a passing grade by completing the remaining coursework.
  • If desired, provide comments about the student’s attendance or performance in the Instructor Comments area.
  • Click the Submit Report button at the bottom of the form.

The Progress Report/Academic Alert System does not affect the reporting of six-week grades or final grades. Attendance reporting that is requested during the fourth week of the semester utilizes the Progress Report/Academic Alert System. Progress reports and academic alerts can be submitted throughout the semester. Submission is intended to enhance, not limit or replace direct communication between instructors and students about academic progress.


Direct technical questions to


Direct all other questions to the Office of Academic Affairs (, 405-744-5627).

Behavioral Concerns


The Progress Report/Academic Alert System is intended to notify students and academic advisors about academic concerns. For behavioral concerns, please continue to notify the Student of Concern Committee (SOC) or Behavioral Consultation Team (BCT) via their hotline at 405-744-3333. More information is available at

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