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What's New with Degree Works? 

Degree Works has recently received an upgrade.  Check out what’s new!

Degree Requirements & In-Progress Courses


Degree Works header checked


Degree Works header unchecked


Header requirements (overall degree requirements like total credits, upper-division credits, minimum residence, and four-year institution credits) in the degree block now recognize in-progress/preregistered coursework and react accordingly.

Process New

Students now have the ability to “Process New” just like staff/advisers. Degree Works displays the audit as it was last run by any user, despite the in-progress/preregistered checkboxes defaulting to “include”. With the added functionality of the header requirements recognizing this incomplete work, it will be more necessary than ever for the first step to be Process New with those checkboxes configured as desired when viewing an audit.

Overall Earned Credits 

Degree Works overall credits


The Overall Earned Credits value from the transcript has been pulled from Banner into Degree Works in this top section with a student’s curricular information. Like the rest of Degree Works, this number is level-specific (graduate, undergraduate) and will match the level of the audit you are currently viewing.

Progress Bar(s)


Degree Works progress bar


The “Credits” progress bar has been removed from the audit, leaving only the “Requirements” progress bar.

Generating PDFs

Degree Works generate PDF


On the main audit, the “Generate PDF” button has been renamed “Save as PDF”. Prior to running a What-If, there is a new checkbox to create a PDF instead. After running a What-If, there is a new “Save as PDF” button, so you no longer have to go back and run it again.

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