Room Reservations

General University Classrooms

General University (GU) rooms are rooms that can be reserved for shared academic use and are administered by the Course Management team in the Office of the Registrar. They are available for use by:

  1. University classes: GU rooms’ primary purpose is for accommodating university classes and class scheduling takes precedence over any other event. Please contact Course Management at or 405-744-6885 for classroom scheduling inquiries.
  2. Academic departments, staff and faculty: GU rooms can be requested by anyone listed as department personnel in the directory.
  3. Student organizations for non-profit organizational meetings: GU rooms can be requested by officers of an official student organization who are listed on CampusLink.
  4. If you do not qualify for scheduling a GU room based on the criteria above, there are several other excellent meeting resources.

To reserve a GU rooms, either submit your request online by going to the GU Room Request Form or email your request to To reserve a GU room during pre-finals or finals week, submit to the fully completed and approved Pre-Finals/Finals Week Form.

Please request rooms of appropriate size for the planned number of attendees. This will assist us in the conservation of energy and will allow for effective utilization of General University classrooms. For more information about the shared responsibility of energy conservation, please see OSU Policy and Procedure 1-0520.

PLEASE REMEMBER: Food, drink, and charging for attendance for events is not allowed in General University rooms. Please also TURN OFF lights and projectors at the conclusion of your event.

For any questions regarding General University rooms, please contact Course Management at or 405-744-6885.

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