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Students must submit a graduation application by the applicable deadlines to be considered a degree candidate and be eligible to graduate. For a student’s name to appear in the commencement program, the application must be submitted by April 1 for spring ceremonies (includes spring and summer degree candidates) and by November 1 for fall ceremonies. Graduation applications will be accepted through the Friday of finals week for the semester a student intends to graduate, but the student’s name will not appear in the commencement program if submitted after April 1 (spring) or November 1 (fall).


Follow these instructions to apply to graduate:


  • Select Graduation Application (Apply) from the Student Records menu in Self-Service.
  • If you are eligible to apply for graduation, the first page will present your latest curriculum (degree/major programs) for you to select. The term shown at the top of this page may not be your expected graduation term. This is OK – you will select your expected graduation term in the next section.
  • On the diploma name page, select the best option from the drop-down list. You will be able to edit the first name and middle name as you would like it to appear on your diploma and in the commencement program. The suffix field is intended for generational titles only (e.g. Jr., Sr., II, III).
  • Indicate a complete mailing address for your diploma. Note that diplomas are typically mailed 6-8 weeks after the end of the term. (Due to the holiday break, fall diplomas will be ready approximately 8-10 weeks after the term.)
  • Review your graduation application summary and click Submit Request.

Students who are not eligible to apply for graduation will see a message that says, “No curricula available for graduation application.” Students must meet the following eligibility rules to submit a graduation application:


  1. Undergraduates must have at least 90 overall earned hours on their academic transcript.
  2. Graduate students require an approved Graduation Clearance form on file with the Graduate College.
  3. DVM students must be in their fourth year of the program.

Graduation applications will be accepted until Friday of finals week for the semester you intend to earn your degree. For your name to appear in the commencement program, the application generally must be submitted by November 1 for the fall ceremony and April 1 for the spring ceremony (includes spring and summer degree candidates).


If you determine you will not graduate in the semester of your graduation application, please submit a Graduation Application Cancellation form (see link to the required form below) and, after you receive confirmation it has been processed, submit a new Graduation Application through Self-Service. Graduation Applications will be accepted until Friday of finals week for the semester you intend to earn your degree.


Use the following forms to request changes to your graduation application:


Graduation Deadlines -

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