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Short Courses with Unique Drop/Add and Refund Deadlines

Short courses have unique drop/add and refund deadlines which can be found in Self-Service or in the spreadsheets linked below on this page. To find the drop/add and refund deadlines for a course in Self-Service, click on the class title or CRN to access the Class Details, then click on the Drop/Add and Refund Deadlines tab.


  • To access the Class Details, click on the hyperlinked class title or CRN from your class schedule (depending on where you are in Self-Service):
    • Example from Registration:

Schedule and options location from Registration in Self-Service


    • Example from the Student Profile:

Shows CRN from Student Profile


  • Select the Drop/Add and Refund Deadlines tab of the Class Details popup:

Graphic showing location of drop/add and refund deadlines.


NOTE: Courses taught at NOC-Stillwater (UNIV 0*** classes) have shorter enrollment deadlines. The last day to add these classes in the OSU student system is the 2nd class day of the term (or earlier for pre-session classes). For more information, contact NOC-Stillwater at 405-744-2246.

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