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Repeated Courses in Degree Works


When a student is currently registered in a repeated course, Degree Works does its best to predict how that course will fit into their audit once it is completed. When the repeated course is completed, Degree Works will simply follow the repeat indicators on their transcript. Please note that the Future Classes tool does not recognize these repeat rules. 


Scroll down or click the bulleted links below to read detailed explanations of different scenarios paired with screenshots. For information about the changes between preregistered, in-progress, and completed, please see here.


Typical Repeat Behavior


When a student registers for a course for which they already have a passing grade (A, B, C, or D), the graded course will stay in the audit, applying to whichever requirement it was already applying to. The ungraded course will go to the Insufficient section.


Graphic showing typical repeat behavior


Graphic showing insufficient repeated course


If the course being repeated was already insufficient (grade of F or W), then the in-progress course will apply to the audit instead, since the failed course is unable to be used.


Graphic showing in-progress course


Graphic showing insufficient repeated course

Minimum Grade Required


If a student is repeating a course for which there is a minimum grade requirement, but their previous attempt was below the minimum grade (but not “F”), then neither course will apply to the requirement.


Graphic showing example of what is still needed


In a case like this, the completed course will apply to any requirement in the audit that it can (often electives or Fall Through). Since the course must be repeated in situations like this, wherever it is currently applying should not be considered met.


Graphic showing course in this example


Second graphic showing insufficient


Once the minimum grade is earned in the in-progress/preregistered course, it will apply to the requirement and the previous attempt below the minimum grade will go to Insufficient.

In-Progress and Preregistered


If a student is registered in the same course across two future terms (in-progress and preregistered), Degree Works does not consider these to be repeated. Both courses will apply to the audit wherever possible.


Graphic showing courses applying


If both courses are completed, only one will end up applying to the audit. However, if either is dropped then the remaining one will continue to apply to the audit.

Repeat Indicator


Degree Works indicates repeated courses, including all attempts, with (R) under the Repeated column on the right side of the audit:


Graphic showing repeated course location


Graphic showing insufficient repeated courses


In-progress and preregistered courses will not display the repeat indicator until a final grade is assigned to the class.


Additional information should be reviewed on the official academic transcript within Self-Service. More details about interpreting that information can be found here.

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