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What's New with Degree Works

Responsive Dashboard


The new Responsive Dashboard has all the same features as the old dashboard but it’s now even more mobile-friendly. In addition to the new look, individual sections of the audit can be collapsed and expanded at will.


Graphic showing responsive dashboard


The requirement status symbols have also changed, but they still use the familiar red/blue/green color coding. Like the previous version, these circles will display immediately to the left of each requirement.


Graphic showing color coding


Additionally, the audit will indicate whether a course is a repeat. Please note that all repeats are notated with “(R)” despite their official transcript indicator. For more details about different types of repeated courses please visit the Official Transcript Details website.


Graphic showing repeated courses

Process & Progress Circle


Process New is now just Process, and the progress bar has been replaced with a progress circle:


Graphic showing progress circle

Class History & GPA Estimators


The Class History and GPA Estimators have moved to the top right corner of the audit:


Graphic showing class history and GPA estimators location

What-If & Look Ahead (Future Classes)


The What-If and Look Ahead (now called Future Classes) tools have been combined. They can be used together or independently. If just planning future classes, check the “Use current curriculum” box:


Graphic showing Future Classes

Graduation Application Requirement


The audit now has a requirement at the bottom of the degree block (the top block) that indicates if the student has an active graduation application for the selected program. This circle will usually appear red (not complete).


Graphic showing not complete red circle


Once a student has submitted a graduation application in Self-Service for the program depicted in the audit, the circle will become green (complete).


Graphic showing complete green circle


The circle will only remain green for as long as the graduation application is active (graduation applications do not automatically roll to the next term if degree requirements are not met).

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