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GPA Estimator

Oklahoma State University's GPA Estimator provides two functions:

  • Determines the amount of credit hours needed at different GPAs to reach a desired GPA.
  • Estimates a student's overall GPA after the completion of current or future coursework.

Enter your current total amount of GPA hours and Current GPA. This will allow you to use the Desired GPA Calculator. Alternatively, enter the amount of GPA hours and estimated letter grade for in-progress or future coursework to determine an estimated overall GPA value.

Course Name or Title (Optional) GPA Hours Grade
Term GPA: 0.000

Current GPA: 0.000

Estimated Overall GPA


Note: Some courses are excluded from GPA calculations in accordance with University and State Regents policy. Please refer to University Academic Regulations 6.3 Grade-Point System, 6.4 Grade-Point Average Calculations and 6.13 Academic Forgiveness (Undergraduates) for additional details.

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