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Student Profile (for Students)


The Student Profile consolidates many details about a student in a single page within Self-Service.

Information available from the Student Profile includes:


  • Student name and ID
  • Photo (from OSU ID card)
  • Basic biographic and demographic information (email, phone, date of birth)
  • General information about the student (level, classification, student status, residency)
  • Graduation information, including degrees earned at OSU and links to view graduation applications
  • Academic advisor details (click advisor name to see advisor photo)
  • Curriculum details (primary and secondary programs)
  • Class schedule (the Registered Courses list only includes active registrations, and not withdrawn or waitlisted classes)
  • Prior education details (including institutions attended and degrees earned) and Test Scores
  • Academic Standing
  • Overall earned hours and GPA
  • Notes (time ticket details)
  • Additional links to other areas of Self-Service and Degree Works

(Web View)


Shows student profile in Self-Service


(Mobile View)


Mobile graphic showing student profile in Self-Service



  • To view Notes (time ticket details), click the Notes tab to the right of the Student Information tab.

Graphic showing notes as a web version.


  • Then click the down arrow on the note you want to expand.

Graphic showing down arrow location in web version.


  • From there, the note will display the date and time your time ticket allows you to register within, along with whether any holds will prevent you from registering during the time ticket window.

Graphic showing content that shows up after clicking on down arrow.


(Mobile View)


Mobile view of notes.


Mobile view of down arrow.


Mobile view of content when clicking down arrow.

Registration Notices and Holds


Web version of Registration Notices location.


  • The Registration Notices section displays information about items that could impact a student’s ability to register for the term:

Graphic showing web version of possible impact items.


  • Next to Registration Notices section is a summary of all active Holds:

Graphic showing web version of active Holds.


  • Click the arrow to the right of each hold to view the hold details:

Graphic showing web version of additional details.


(Mobile View)


Graphic showing mobile version of Registration Notices.


Graphic showing mobile version of active holds.


Graphic showing mobile version of active Holds.


Graphic showing additional information for active holds.

Prior Education and Testing


While the Self Service Student Profile opens on the “Curriculum and Courses” tab by default, click “Prior Education and Testing” to see other information like ACT/SAT scores, AP scores, math placement scores, and the names of any previous schools attended:


Graphic showing web location of Prior Education and Testing.


Graphic showing details when clicking on Prior Education and Testing.


(Mobile View)


Graphic showing mobile location of Prior Education and Testing.


  • Scroll down past the Student Information section to view Prior Education section on mobile:

Graphic showing mobile location of Prior Education information.


Graphic showing additional information when clicking on Prior Education in mobile version.

Additional Links


Additional Links that can be accessed through the Self-Service Student Profile are listed under the Prior Education tab:


Graphic showing Additional Links in web version.


(Mobile View)


Graphic showing location of Additional Links in mobile version.


Graphic showing details under Additional Links in mobile version.

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