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FAQs for Students


What are the steps for logging into Student Service?


  • Open your browser and enter
  • Enter your O-Key username/e-mail and password.
  • Click on the Self-Service icon.

Who do I talk to if I’m having problems logging in to the Portal?


Contact the OSU IT Helpdesk at or 405-744-HELP.

Where do I find holds on my records? 


Holds can be viewed via Self-Service from the Student Profile. From your profile, click on Holds in the upper right corner to view active holds. You can click the arrow to the right of each hold to view the hold details.

What are Registration Overrides?


Registration overrides can be provided to allow students to enroll in specific courses in which they would not normally be able to register. If you try to add a class and get a registration add error message, it may be appropriate to seek a registration override (see the Common Registration Issues webpage for details). The override DOES NOT enroll you in the course but overrides a specific error message and gives you the capability to try and add the class again. You can view a list of overrides granted to you from the Prepare for Registration link on the Registration menu.

Where do I find registration overrides on my record?


Registration overrides that have been given are found under the Prepare for Registration section (under the Registration menu of the Student tab).

Does a registration override mean that I am enrolled in a course?


No. The registration permit/override just overrides a specific registration restriction for a section or course. Once the override is given, you will need to log into Self-Service and add the course to your schedule.

Will a registration override guarantee a spot in the course?


No. It just overrides a specific registration restriction and doesn’t guarantee a seat in the class. If there are multiple restrictions on a course, all of them must be met in order to enroll in the course. Remember, registration is handled on a first come, first served basis, and classes fill up quickly!

Where can I find the name of my advisor?

From Self-Service, click on the Student link/tab, then select the Student Profile. You can view all of your active advisors from your profile.

When registering for a class, I'm getting a "Prerequisite or Test Score Error" - what do I need to do?


It's best to first check for enforced prerequisites before you enroll for a class. First click on the class title to view the Class Details. Click on the Enforced Prerequisites tab to view enforced prerequisites. The Restrictions tab also provides details of other enforced restrictions for the class (ex: permission of instructor or department required.).


If you believe that you meet the listed prerequisites but you're still receiving an error message, contact the instructor or your academic advisor to discuss your qualifications. Instructors and academic advisors can grant a prerequisite override/permit, provided examination of your academic record warrants this action. It is the student’s responsibility to register in a class within the applicable enrollment deadlines after receiving a registration permit/override. You can view registration permits/overrides that have been given to you by selecting Prepare for Registration from the Registration menu in Self-Service.

How do I obtain “Permission of the Instructor”?


You must contact the Instructor to obtain permission to enroll in a course that requires instructor permission. Once the instructor has given the permit, you must enroll in the course via Self-Service. The Department offering the course may also be able to grant permission for you to enroll, particularly if there is not yet an instructor assigned to the class.

Where do I find enforced prerequisites and other registration restrictions on Self-Service?


Enforced prerequisites and registration restrictions are listed in the Class Details, accessible from anywhere in Registration by clicking on the class title. The example below reflects an example of enforced prerequisites:  


Graphic showing location of Enforced Prerequisites and Restrictions.

How do I review my transcript on Self-Service?


  • Select the Student tab and click on Student Profile.
  • From the Additional Links menu on the lower left, click Academic Transcript.
  • Click Submit.

How do I add/drop a class on Self-Service?


View the Register for Classes section of our website for details on adding and dropping classes.

Where can I see my class schedule on Self-Service?


From Self-Service, select the Student tab and then the Registration link. Your schedule can be viewed under the View Registration Information link. Visit our View My Class Schedule webpage for more details on the different ways to view your class schedule.

During registration, how do I change the credit hours for a variable course?


View our Change Credit Hours for Variable Credit Classes site for details. Students can change the credit hours for a variable credit course from Self-Service Registration within the main semester's restrictive drop/add deadline. After that time, any changes to credit hours must be done via a drop/add card in the Office of the Registrar.

If I am enrolled in only one course and I need to drop it, how can I drop the course?


Please contact your academic advisor for assistance to submit a Withdrawal Form to the Office of the Registrar in order to drop your last class.

I am receiving a time conflict error when trying to enroll, but none of my courses are conflicting.


Common Exams may be causing the time conflict error message. Enrolling in a class that results in a time conflict with another class on your schedule can only be allowed with written support from the instructors of both classes involved in the time conflict (overrides for time conflicts cannot be given online). It is the student's responsibility to bring the written, signed consent from both instructors to the Office of the Registrar (or Enrollment Services office at OSU-Tulsa) within the applicable enrollment deadlines to enroll in the class. Students have the option of submitting a drop/add card with required signatures or their advisor may provide a Registration Permission Memo on which signatures can be obtained, to the respective office.

How do I audit a course?


A student who does not wish to receive credit in a course may, with the approvals of the student's advisor and the course instructor, attend the class strictly as a visitor. The Request to Audit a Course form is available in the Office of the Registrar or on the Forms section of the Registrar website ( Classes with a lab component, private music lessons, studio art courses, outreach courses, or other courses with special fees are not open for audit enrollment. Audited courses will appear on your transcript with an indication that the course was an audit enrollment. A mark of 'AU' will appear where the grade would normally appear and does not contribute to your GPA or credit hours earned. If you are currently enrolled in the class and wish to change to an audit, you must officially drop the course or, if appropriate, withdraw within the established course drop/add deadlines.

How do I cancel my enrollment for an upcoming semester? Can I do it online?


Enrollment cancellation procedures are different depending on certain criteria.


  • Generally, students may cancel their enrollment by submitting the Withdrawal Form.
  • Cancellation requests must be submitted before the first day of classes for the term. After classes have begun, students must withdraw from the University.

Who do I contact if I am unable to access the Withdrawal Form to withdraw from the University?


If you are unable to access the Withdrawal Form, please contact the Office of the Registrar at

I am in the military and I am being called to active duty. What do I need to do?


If you are called to active duty during the term in which you are enrolled you may request a Military Leave of Absence. See the Military Leave of Absence FAQs.

How do I request my Banner PIN?


Current students with an active O-Key account should login to their O-Key account to request their Banner PIN.


Graphic showing location of where to request Banner PIN.


Students can then select the method by which they wish to receive the Banner PIN.


Graphic showing how to select method of receiving Banner PIN.


Former students without an active O-Key account may request their Banner PIN by submitting a completed Banner PIN Request form to the Office of the Registrar in 322 Student Union in Stillwater or the Enrollment Services office on the OSU-Tulsa campus. In addition to signing the form, you must attach a legible copy of your photo ID (driver’s license, passport, military ID) and select one of the options for receiving your PIN. The Banner PIN Request form may be submitted to the Registrar's Office in person, via postal mail, via scanned attachment in an email to, or via fax to 405-744-8426.

How can I enroll in a closed section?


Although enrollment is not allowed in closed classes, you may be able to waitlist a closed class if the department has setup a waitlist. The department offering the class may also consider increasing the maximum enrollment. Note that registration permits/overrides cannot be given to override a closed class, and department heads have the authority to determine the maximum enrollment in a class. In addition, departments cannot authorize an increase in the maximum enrollment if it will result in exceeding the classroom's fire code capacity.

Where do I find information on short courses?


Short courses have different start and end dates than regular full-semester courses, and the drop/add and refund deadlines are different than the deadlines for regular full-semester courses. A list of short courses offered each semester with their unique drop/add and refund deadlines is available on the Short Courses webpage of the Registrar's website. You can also view drop/add and refund deadlines in the Drop/Add and Refund Deadlines tab in the Class Details popup box when you click on the title of a course in Self-Service Registration. Please call the Office of the Registrar at 405-744-6876 if you have any questions.


Graphic showing drop/add and refund deadlines

Where do I find information on Internet courses?


For a list of Computer Based/Online courses perform a Class Schedule Search using the advanced search options, and select an Instructional Method of "Computer based/Online."

Where do I enroll in correspondence courses?


You can find information about the courses offered and enrollment requirements through the Correspondence Education website.

How do I take a class as Pass No-Pass?


A Request for Pass-No Pass Grading Option for a specific class requires you to meet all of the requirements listed on the form and the signature of your academic advisor. Students must submit a completed Request for Pass-No Pass Grading Option form to the Office of the Registrar (Stillwater) or Enrollment Services (Tulsa) no later than the last day to add the course for the semester or session.

When do I need to submit a Petition to Enroll in Excessive Hours?


Students who seek to exceed the maximum course load for the semester are required to submit a completed Petition to Enroll in Excessive Hours form to the Office of the Registrar no later than the last day to enroll for the semester. See more details on the Maximum Credit Hour Load webpage.

How is my expected graduation term determined?


Before a student applies for graduation, his or her expected graduation term/date is determined based on the degree type for the student’s primary curriculum (see the table below for details). When a student applies for graduation, the expected graduation information updates to reflect the term/date selected by the student.



Student’s Declared Degree
(Primary Curriculum)

Expected Graduation Term

Non-degree seeking

One year after term of admission

Certificate program

Four years after term of admission

Bachelor’s degrees recognized as five year programs (BAR, BEN, BLA)

Seven years after term of admission

All other Bachelor’s degrees

Six years after term of admission

Master’s degree

Seven years after term of admission

Doctoral degree

Eight years after term of admission

Professional degree (DVM)

Four years after term of admission



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