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Class Rolls (for Faculty)


How do I view my class list in Banner?


Log into the portal and click on Self-Service. Then select Faculty Services, and click “Summary Class List” to obtain a summary of every class in which you are listed as an instructor of record. You can also view and export your class roster to Excel from “Faculty Grade Entry 9.6” under the Faculty Services tab. See the “How do I download my class roster to Excel?” item below for details.

How do I email my class roster?


Log into the portal and click on Self-Service. Then select Faculty Services, and click Summary Class List (Class Roll) then select a CRN/section to view. Click on the Display Email List button (below your class list).


A list of your students' email addresses will display, separated with semicolons, for you to copy/paste into the bcc line of a new email.


Graphic showing how additional names show up.

How do I download my class roster into Excel?


Login to the portal and click on Self-Service. Then select Faculty Services, and click “Faculty Grade Entry 9.6”. Go to the desired term (you may sort the classes by term by clicking the arrows at the top of the “Term” column). Select the desired class – you should see the class roster appear below your list of classes. Click on “Tools” in the upper right corner, and select “Export Grade Template.” Select the file type (.xls or .xlsx) and click “Export.” Open or save the resulting Excel file in a secure location. Note that you may use this file as a gradebook throughout the course and use it to upload midterm and/or final grades.


The new Canvas online classroom also provides tools to download your class roster to Excel.

Do any of the class lists in Self-Service include the student’s major and class standing?

The Detail Class List includes detailed information about each student on the roster, including level, major, degree, and classification.


For more information, please visit OC Faculty Resources.

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