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Requesting Access to Banner (for New Faculty)

Follow the steps below to submit your request via the online Banner Access Request application to get faculty-level access to Banner, including the ability to grant registration overrides. Faculty who also serve in an academic advising role may need to request additional security groups – see Requesting Access to Banner (for Advisors).

If you experience technical issues with the online request application, please contact the IT Helpdesk ( or 405-744-HELP).


  • Log in to the Banner Access Request application:
  • Click the blue Create Access Request button (near the bottom of the page).
  • Select OSU Stillwater/Tulsa as the campus, then click Next.
  • Select STUDENT as the Banner module, then click Next.
  • Search for yourself or the person for whom you are requesting access (by name or email address, etc.), then click Next. 
  • Confirm the person on the following screen by clicking the radio button next to their name, then click Next.
  • Banner should automatically look up the department head. Confirm that the proper department head who will need to approve this request is the one listed, then click Continue.

If a department head has not been set up for your department, the following screen will show:


Screenshot showing image of department head not being set up.


  • Select the Faculty Access security group, then click Next.
  • Select the OSU Faculty Registration Override in SSB business profile, then click Next. On the next screen, review your request and click Submit.
  • After the request has been submitted, the person for whom the request was made must log in to the system and agree to the Banner access confidentiality statement (if this is their first Banner access request).
  • The Department Head will also receive an email prompting them to log in to the system and approve the request. Department Heads can also log in to the system and click the Pending Department Head Action link (under the Approver menu) to view and approve pending requests.
  • The data owners of the different security groups must review & approve the request.

Finally, the request must be processed by IT. When the new access has been setup, the requestor will receive an email from the IT Helpdesk indicating that the request has been completed.

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