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Registration Permits/Overrides


Most registration permits can be given to students electronically:


  • Instructors can give instructor permission and prerequisite overrides via Self-Service for the classes in which they are listed as the primary instructor of record. Learn more.
  • Advisors give prerequisite overrides via the Advisor Prerequisite Override system which can be found in the Advising Student Profile.
  • Department heads and their designees give other types of registration permits ONLY for courses offered by their department. These overrides are typically given via the Banner Administrative system (using the SFASRPO screen). Learn more.


For details on giving instructor and prerequisite overrides via Faculty Self-Service, click here for step-by-step instructions.

Registration permits given by department heads on the SFASRPO screen can be given at the course level (will apply to any section of a given course) or the section level. Primary instructors can only give overrides at the section level (for the sections they teach) via Self-Service. Permits do not automatically enroll a student in a class, and students must enroll themselves online after a permit has been given. In the table below, "Department" refers to the department offering the course unless otherwise indicated.


Permit Type Permit Code Overrides Who Can Give Permit?
Department Approval DEPARTMENT Special approval Department
Instructor Approval INSTRUCTOR Special approval Instructor or Department
Outreach Approval OUTREACH Special approval Outreach Department
Prerequisite Override PREREQ Enforced pre- or co-requisite courses and exam scores Department, Instructor or Advisor
Student Attribute Override ATTRIBUTE Student attribute restrictions Department who maintains the attribute
Student Program Override PROGRAM Restrictions to students in specific degree, college, classification, major, option, and/or minor Department
Mutual Exclusion Override MUTUAL Enrollment in mutually exclusive (overlapping) classes Department
Duplicate Course Override DUPLICATE Enrollment in more than one section of the same course in the same semester Department
Maximum Cumulative Hours Limit Override MAXHRS Cumulative maximum hour limit for variable credit courses Department


Some registration permits require a paper/manual override:



Note that there ARE no closed/full class overrides in Banner. Departments can contact the Registrar’s Class Scheduling team ( to request an increase in the class maximum enrollment to allow additional students to register in a class.

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