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Requesting Access to Banner (for Advisors)


Follow the steps below to submit your request to student information via the online Banner Access Request application. Please note that if you need access to other areas of Banner (ex: Accounts Receivable, Admissions) you will need to submit multiple access requests - one for each Banner module. The information below addresses access for the Student module.

If you experience technical issues with the online request application, please contact the IT Helpdesk ( or 405-744-HELP).


  • Login to the Banner Access Request application:
  • Click the blue Create Access Request button:
  • Select OSU Stillwater/Tulsa as the campus, then click Next:
  • Select STUDENT as the Banner module, then click Next:
  • Search for yourself or the person for whom you are requesting access (by name or email address, etc.), then click Next. 
  • Confirm the person on the following screen by clicking the radio button next to their name, and click Next.
  • Banner should automatically look up the department head. Confirm that the proper department head who will need to approve this request is the one listed, and click Continue.

If a department head has not been setup for your department, the following screen will show:


Statement regarding department head in Banner.


  • Select the Banner Security Group(s) desired by checking the boxes to the left of the Security Group description. For more information on the security groups, click on the security group description to see a list of all Banner objects/screens for which that group provides access. A summary of all open Student security groups is also provided in the table at the bottom of these instructions. After checking the boxes for the desired security groups, click Next.
  • Review the request details to confirm they are correct. You also have the option to indicate other information in the optional Comments section.
  • After the request has been submitted, the person for whom the request was made must login to the system and agree to the Banner access confidentiality statement (if this is their first Banner access request).
  • The Department Head will also receive an email prompting them to login to the system and approve the request. Department Heads can also login to the system and click the Pending Department Head Action link (under the Approver menu) to view and approve pending requests.
  • The data owners of the different security groups must review & approve the request.
  • Finally, the request must be processed by IT. When the new access has been setup, the requestor will receive an email from the IT Helpdesk indicating that the request has been completed.


The table below provides descriptions of the standard security groups in the Student module:


Group Name

Group Description

Add Student Business Profile Access While this is not actually a security group, it can be used if you wish to request access to a restricted group that isn’t shown in the list, or if you need to request a business profile. Use the “Comments” area to specify the restricted group or business profile you need.

Academic Advisor Query

View access to general student academic information, including grades

Active Student Record Query

View general student information (SGASTDN, SGASADD, SGAADVR) and access to basic Banner ePrint reports

Admissions Query

View access to general student admission information (SHATRNS, SOAPCOL)

Advisor Query - General

View access to general student contact information

Banner 9 Class List in Self-Service

View Class List/Roster information (waitlist, enrollment, registration status, etc.) by class section.

Building and Room Query

Query access to classroom and academic event details

Class Schedule Query

View class section details (SSASECT, SSASECQ, SSAPREQ, SSARRES, etc.)

Department Head Query 

View access to detailed student information for Department Heads and Department Assistants

Department Head Wait List Management

ONLY for Department Heads and their Registration Designees; ability to manage class waitlists (SFAWLPR)

Department Registration Overrides

ONLY for Department Heads and their Registration Designees; ability to provide registration overrides (SFASRPO)

Hold Processing

ONLY for Primary Academic Advisors; ability to add/remove advisor registration holds

Person Query no SSN

Lookup general person information only (SPAIDEN, SPACMNT)

Proxy Query Group for Student View access to the GPAPRXY form in INB, which displays details of a student’s authorized proxy users and the information the student has authorized each proxy to access. Note that if the first box (University officials may discuss all education records with proxy) is checked, university officials are authorized to discuss any education record with the proxy after verifying his/her identity using the proxy passphrase. For more information on proxy access, visit this website:

SGAADVR Student Advisor Maintenance

ONLY for College staff who update student’s academic advisors on behalf of the College (SGAADVR)

Student Attribute Processing

ONLY for College staff who maintain specific student attributes on behalf of the College (SGASADD)

Student Class Schedule Query Only

View an individual student's class schedule (SFAREGQ)

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