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Student Profile (for Advisors)


The Advisor Student Profile provides advisors with a new advisee listing, and consolidates many details about a student in a single page, called the Student Profile. Click an item below to learn more:


Advisee Search


Use the Advisee Search page to select or change the term, search for a specific student or view your advisee listing.


Graphic showing advisee search page in Banner.


To search for a specific student, select the radio button that indicates the search criteria you wish to use (Student ID, Student Email, or Student Name). Then enter your search criteria in the box provided and press Enter. If multiple students match your criteria, select your student from the list. Click the View Profile button to access the student's profile. To view your advisee listing, click the View My Advisee Listing link.


Here are some tips about the Advisee Search:


  • After entering the search criteria, hit either the Enter or Tab key on your keyboard to initiate the search. When the student’s name appears, click the View Profile button.
  • Searches are not case-sensitive.
  • When searching by email, any active email address on record for the student (according to SPAIDEN) can be used. The complete email address must be entered.
  • When searching by name, enter the name in last, first, middle format. You can enter partial names if needed (ex: just the last name), and can use the % character as a wildcard.

My Advisee Listing


The Advisee Listing provides a list of all students with whom you have an active advising relationship for the given semester (according to SGAADVR). You can sort, filter, and/or download the list of advisees, email advisees, and you can access an individual student’s profile from this page:


Graphic showing advisee listing in Banner.


Here are some tips about the Advisee Listing:


  • Students with a Buckley Flag/directory hold are indicated with an orange lock icon by their name and ID (Jane Doe in the image above has a Buckley Flag). No information may be released to third parties about these students, including whether or not the person is a student at OSU. See the FERPA website for more details.
  • You can close the Getting Started pane on the right side by clicking the small arrow in the gray space between panes.
  • Advanced filtering options are available using the Filter tool in the upper right corner of the advisee list:
  • Use the Go button to apply and view the results of a filter. When a filter is in use, it remains active when using the email and export tools. Buttons are displayed across the top for each field included in an active filter, and you can remove filters one column at a time by clicking these buttons. Use the Remove Filter button to view the original unfiltered results.

Graphic showing location of Remove Filter on Advisee Listing screen.

  • Use the Tools icon (the wheel in the upper right corner of the page) to export your Advisee Listing to Excel.
  • Email all students in the list by clicking the Email All button in the upper right corner of the student list. You will be prompted to open your email software (ex: Outlook) and the email addresses will automatically be entered in the bcc field. If you have an active filter, only the filtered list of students will be included.
  • Click on a column header to sort the list by that column.
  • Use the vertical scroll bar at the bottom to scroll to the right and view more advisee details, and use the page navigation tools in the lower left corner to access more search results and/or adjust the number of students that display per page:

Student Profile


The Student Profile contains a wealth of information about a student on a single page, and will eventually replace some menu items from the current Student Information for Advisors section of Self-Service. Students will also have access to their own profile in Self-Service.


Graphic showing Student Profile screen in Banner.


Information available from the Student Profile includes:


  • Student name and ID
  • Basic biographic and demographic information (email, phone, date of birth)
  • General information about the student (level, classification, student status, residency)
  • Graduation information, including degrees earned at OSU and links to active graduation applications
  • Academic advisor details
  • Curriculum details (primary and secondary programs)
  • Class schedule (the Registered Courses list only includes active registrations, and does not include withdrawn or waitlisted classes)
  • Prior education details (including institutions attended and degrees earned) and Test Scores – click the Prior Education and Testing link on the left panel, and the details will display on the right side of the screen:

Graphic showing location of Prior Education and Testing tab on Student Profile screen.

  • Additional Links to other Self-Service pages, Degree Works, and the Advisor Prerequisite
  • Override form
  • Academic Standing
  • Overall earned hours and GPA
  • Notes
  • A Registration Notices section, which displays information about items that could impact a student’s ability to register for the term, including registration time ticket details:

Graphic showing location of Registration Notices.

  • A summary of active holds, with holds you can release categorized as Releasable Holds:

Graphic showing location of Release button.

  • Click the arrow to the right of each hold to view the hold details:

Graphic showing location of hold details.

Release Advisor Holds


Advisor registration holds are shown to advisors as Releasable Holds and can be released from the Student Profile as follows:


  • Click the white box to the left of the Advisor Registration Hold, then click the Release button.

Graphic showing Adviser Registration Hold screen.

  • Optionally, enter a comment in the box provided, then click OK. Note that comments entered here are stored in Banner as a Note that will only be viewable to the author, and not viewable to students or other advisors.
  • You will see a green confirmation message in the upper right corner if the hold was successfully released.

Reinstate Student Registration Advisor Holds


Go to the Advisor tab in the portal, then select Maintain Student Holds - SOAHOLD to get to the form in Banner. Enter the Banner ID of the student of your choice, and click "Go".


Find the advising hold you need to reinstate from the list of holds, and click on the date displayed in the To* column. You can then adjust that date to be the end of the academic semester for that hold (the last day of Pre-Finals Week).


For example, Spring 2023 Advising holds should have an end date of 05/05/2023 if they have not yet been lifted by an advisor. Fall/Summer 2022 Advising holds have an end date of 12/09/22.


Please be careful to only adjust the end date of the hold you need to maintain. Afterwards, hit Save in the bottom right corner of the form.


If the change saves successfully, you'll see a green checkmark in the upper right corner of the form.


Shows green checkmark in the upper right corner.


If you're unable to adjust a registration advising hold, or require further assistance, contact the Office of the Registrar at or 405-744-6876.

Navigating from Banner 9 to Banner 8 Self-Service


As new Banner 9 Self-Service features are released, they are recognizable with a blue theme and updated look/feel. The best way to navigate to other student Self-Service pages from the Student Profile is to use the Additional Links on the left pane, as these links will retain the student ID as you go to other Self-Service pages. Note that the first additional link you select will open in a new browser window. Links to Banner 8 pages typically open in a common browser window, and links to Banner 9 pages typically open in a different browser window (separate from the Banner 8 window). Use the tabs along the top of your web browser to facilitate navigation:


Graphic showing tabs along the top of browser.


You can navigate to other areas of Self-Service from the advisor Student Profile using the four square navigation icon in the upper left corner of the page:


After clicking on the navigation icon, you will see breadcrumbs appear which match menu items you can access from Banner 8 Self-Service. Note that a student ID may not be retained when navigating between Banner 9 and Banner 8 using the breadcrumbs.




  • Click the navigation icon, then click on Banner.
  • Then click on Advisors.
  • Then click on Registration History.
  • Then use the Banner ID search tools to select the term and find a student, then select the desired item from the Student and Advisee Selection list.

Graphic showing navigation icon.

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