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Class List/Roster 9.9 (for Department Heads)


Instructors can access their class rosters from Faculty Self-Service via the new Class List/Roster 9.9 functionality. As instructors have this access by default for their own classes, the ability to view rosters for any class is limited to individuals who have been granted the Department Head Query security group.


The Class List/Roster 9.9 provides the following features:


  • Student photos
  • Easy instructor access to the Student Profile for enrolled and waitlisted students
  • Ability to export or print the roster
  • Consolidates the summary class list, detail class list, CRN selection and waitlist views
  • Email messaging to all or selected students on the roster
  • Connects to Faculty Grade Entry when midterm or final grading is open
  • Similar navigation to Faculty Grade Entry

Use the Search box in the upper right to filter the list of classes (search by subject, course number, CRN, term or a keyword in the course title), then select any course by clicking on the applicable row. Don’t click directly on the course title or CRN, as this opens the class details instead of the roster.


Graphic 1


The Class List defaults to the Summary view (see example below).


Graphic 2


From within the class list, you can:


  • Toggle from the Summary View to the Detail View (and back).
  • View the Wait List.
  • Export the Class list. Note that this version of your roster is not immediately compatible for importing grades in Faculty Grade Entry. If exporting the roster for grade entry purposes, we recommend exporting the roster directly from Faculty Grade Entry.
  • Bring up a printer-friendly view of the roster (may require adjustment to your browser’s pop-up settings).
  • Email all or selected students in the class.
  • For a student in your class, access the Student Profile.
  • Find another class and view its roster.

By default, instructors can view rosters for their own classes. The ability to view rosters for any class is limited to individuals who have been granted the Department Head Query security group.

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