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Grades and GPA (Department Heads)


Final Grades


Final course grades are due from instructors shortly after the end of each fall, spring and summer term. The grading system is also open for grading after pre-sessions and at mid-point of each term for courses that end early in the term.


Students may view their grades on Self-Service as soon as they have been submitted. See “View Grades” in the “Student Records” section. Transcripts that contain official grades for a term are generally available at the end of the week following final exams. The grades for all summer sessions are available on official transcripts at the end of the week following the eight-week summer term.

Six-Week Progress Grades


Six-week (midterm) grades are an important effort to help OSU students succeed by providing formal, cumulative feedback regarding their academic performance during the first few weeks of the semester. Students may view their six-week grades as soon as they have been submitted under “Midterm Grades” in the “Student Records” section of Self-Service.


Six-week grades are due at the beginning of the seventh week of each fall and spring semester. No midterm grades are reported in the summer sessions. According to Academic Regulation 6.5 (see most recent OSU Catalog), instructors are expected to report six-week progress grades for all students (regardless of classification) enrolled in 1000- and 2000-level classes and are encouraged to submit six week grades for students in all courses. Six-week grades are expected for all courses for student athletes. Academic advisors review these grades and contact students who are experiencing difficulty.

View Grades


Students can view their midterm and final grades using the View Grades link in Self-Service:


  • From the Student tab, select Student Profile, then click View Grades from the Additional Links section, or
  • Go to Student Records, then View Grades.  

Select a term and course level (ex: undergraduate) to view your midterm and final grades:


Graphic showing student grades page in Banner.


Notice that final grades are circled, and the blue information icon to the right indicates they have not yet been finalized, or “rolled to history.” When grades have been rolled to history, they are displayed along with GPA statistics: earned hours, GPA hours, and quality points. They are also reflected on your official transcript after grades have been rolled to history a few days after the end of the fall, spring, and summer terms.


Coursework and grade detail may display as shown below on smaller screens. Click on the small arrow icon to the left of a course to expand it for more details, including midterm grades. 


Graphic showing coursework display.


For incomplete (I) grades, click on the blue information icon to view the extension date (the deadline for completing remaining coursework), as well as the default final grade you will receive if you don’t complete remaining coursework:


Graphic showing extension date screen.

Grading Polices


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