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Understanding Proxy Access (for Department Heads)


Students will be able to authorize view-only access to their Self-Service account and/or authorize university officials to discuss education records with a parent, guardian, spouse or other 3rd party using the Proxy feature in Self-Service. Students should access the Proxy Access tab in Self-Service and set up the proxy access for each person they wish to authorize. Students can choose to authorize all education records or customize the level of access for each proxy by choosing from a list of pages to authorize. For more information on the student proxy set-up and options, please visit

How can I tell if a student has authorized proxy access to another person?

Using Application Navigator, go to GPAPRXY and enter the student’s Banner ID and select Go. The name of the authorized proxy will be listed in the Name field. If the student has more than one proxy, you can use the arrows (middle portion) to navigate until you find the proxy record needed.


Once the proxy is located, the proxy will need to provide the Passphrase listed to confirm identity. Once identity has been confirmed, view the information in the Page Authorization List tab to determine what information the student has authorized the institution to share with the proxy (indicated by a check in the Auth Ind box). If the first box is checked (University officials may discuss all education records with proxy), you are authorized to discuss any educational information with the proxy. This is similar to the old “FERPA form”: Student Consent for Parental Access to Educational Records. If the first box is NOT checked, you may ONLY discuss information on a page for which a box is checked.


Graphic showing Proxy Access Management form.

What does it mean if the student authorizes the parent/proxy to discuss with University officials any and all details of my student education records? 


While the majority of the options on the Proxy Access Authorizations tab allow a student

to grant a parent/proxy view-only access to specific Self-Service pages, checking the first option (University officials may discuss all education records with proxy) authorizes the proxy to discuss any student educational records with University officials. It does NOT permit parents to request official documents, make changes to records, or otherwise conduct educational business on the student’s behalf. This is similar to the old “FERPA form”: Student Consent for Parental Access to Educational Records.

Does proxy access replace the FERPA form? 

Yes. The “University officials may discuss all education records with proxy” option replaces the old parental FERPA form.

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