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Graduation FAQs


How do I know if everything is in order for my graduation this semester?


Please refer to the Steps to Graduation section of this website.

Where can I get a Graduation Application?


You may file a graduation application online through your Self-Service account. Login to and select 'Self-Service'. Under the 'Student' menu, select 'Student Records', then 'Graduation Application (Apply)' to complete the graduation application.

If I did not file a graduation application will I still graduate?


No. The graduation application must be submitted via Self-Service to the Office of the Registrar in order to graduate, even if you do not attend the Commencement ceremony.

How do I file a graduation application for two degrees?


Students will be able to submit graduation applications for multiple degrees online through Self-Service. Login to Self-Service and select the 'Graduation Application (Apply)' option under the Student Records option. You must submit a graduation application for each degree (curriculum) separately. If your additional degree program is not listed on the Self-Service Graduation Application, contact the Office of the Registrar, 322 Student Union or

I filled out a graduation application, but now I am not going to graduate until next semester. What do I need to do?


Submit a Graduation Application Change Request form with the Office of the Registrar.

How do I graduate with distinction?


Students who earn an OSU undergraduate degree may also earn a level of distinction based upon the final retention/graduation grade-point average. The level of distinction added to the diploma and transcript is:



Graduation/Retention Grade-Point Averages Distinction
3.90 to 4.00 Summa cum laude
3.80 to 3.89 Magna cum laude
3.70 to 3.79 Cum laude


This grade-point average calculation is two decimal places only, e.g., 3.69. In actuality, this GPA may be 3.69785 if additional digits were to be added. However, the value used to determine distinction is 3.69 which does not qualify for a level of distinction.

If I graduate with distinction, will it be printed on my diploma?


Yes. If you graduate with distinction, your status will be printed on the diploma directly below the degree (i.e., Summa cum laude, Magna cum laude, or Cum laude).

Will my minor(s) be printed on my diploma?


No. Your diploma will only list your degree and primary major. Your additional majors, options and minors will be listed on your Official Academic Transcript.

How can I ensure my name will be included in the Commencement program?


For your name to appear in the commencement program, the graduation application must be submitted by November 1 for the fall ceremony and April 1 for the spring ceremony (includes spring and summer degree candidates).


Students who have completed a Request to Withhold Directory Information (Buckley form) will not appear in the Commencement program.  A student with a directory hold may request a one-time exception to allow OSU to publish their name in the Commencement Program by submitting a One-Time Directory Hold Exception for Commencement Program form on or before the diploma application deadline.

How is my graduation announcement placed in my hometown newspaper?


Once it receives final graduation lists, OSU Brand Management prepares announcements and distributes them to hometown papers.

I am graduating with a degree in University Studies, which Commencement ceremony do I attend?


The College associated with your University Studies degree is visible in the Curriculum, Hours, & GPA section of the Student Profile (in Self-Service).

Where do I purchase my cap, gown and graduation announcements?


For information on ordering announcements and academic regalia, visit the University Store or

When will diplomas be ready?


Paper diplomas are typically mailed within six to eight weeks after graduation. Due to the winter holiday break, fall diplomas generally require an additional two weeks.

Can someone pick up my diploma for me?


OSU now provides digital diplomas in addition to paper diplomas for our graduates. All paper diplomas are mailed via standard USPS shipping to the diploma mailing address provided on the graduation application, and are not available for pick-up.

Can my diploma be mailed to an international address?


Yes. All paper diplomas will be shipped to the diploma mailing address provided on the graduation application via standard USPS mail - including to international addresses. Please note that digital diplomas are available to graduates approximately 2-3 weeks before paper diplomas are shipped.

My diploma has been lost, damaged, etc. Can/how do I get another one?


If your original diploma was damaged or lost in transit, please contact Parchment Customer Support for assistance in requesting a replacement.


Replacement or duplicate diplomas for OSU graduates can be ordered as outlined below for $50 and include both paper and digital versions.


  • Current & Former Students with an Active O-Key Account
    • Login to Self-Service
    • Select Student Records from the Student menu
    • Select Request Replacement Diploma and complete the order
  • Former Students/Alumni without an Active O-Key Account
    • OSU alums order replacement through the Student Records Ordering site
    • Create an account and complete the order process

Replacement diploma orders are typically processed within one week, and graduates will receive email notification when their digital diploma is available. Unless expedited shipping is included, replacement paper diplomas are generally shipped within 2-3 weeks of when the digital diploma is available.

I am applying for a job, need verification for immigration inquiries, etc. and need verification that either 1) all my requirements have been completed or 2) I am currently enrolled in the remaining hours required for my degree.


You may submit a Candidate/Completion letter request.


Candidate letters are official verification from Oklahoma State University that your degree will be conferred upon successful completion of all coursework in which you are currently enrolled.


Completion letters are official verification from Oklahoma State University that all of your degree requirements have been met and clarifies the date that your degree will be conferred.


These letters may provide appropriate information to verify your degree status to potential employers, immigration inquiries, or other agencies. Depending on the type of letter you qualify, the Office of the Registrar will provide you either a candidate or completion letter and will include:  your name, degree, major, degree conferral date, the university's official seal, and the signature of the University Registrar. Requests will be fulfilled in approximately 1-2 weeks.

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