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Commencement Day Parking and Accessibility

Parking is available on the west and south sides of the stadium, as well as northwest of the stadium at the Wes Watkins Center and the Multimodal Transportation Center. On Friday and Saturday, accessible parking will be available in lot 6B which is directly south of Gallagher-Iba Arena. Please note that a large section of the general parking directly south of the stadium is expected to be unavailable due to construction. See the map below for details.


Parking map showing details for Fall 2023 commencement


Wheelchair seating is available on the second level (Concourse Level) in the arena. Escalators are available to access the Concourse level from the guest entrances on the east side of the arena. Those with accessibility needs who require an elevator may use the restricted southwest lobby entrance. For questions regarding elevator access and seating locations, please see the security personnel at Gallagher-Iba.


Sign language interpreting will be provided on the overhead video screens. Section 214 has reserved seating for sign language accessibility. If you have any questions, please VP or voice 405-744-7116.


Assistive listening receivers are available for check-out above Section 210 along the walkway. These receivers require a driver's license to check-out and operate on an FM system with single earbud and neckloop devices available.


To reserve a recreational vehicle (RV) parking spot, please see details at

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