Short Courses, Online and Outreach Programs

Short Courses with Unique Drop/Add Deadlines

NOTE: Courses taught at NOC-Stillwater (UNIV 0*** classes) have shorter enrollment deadlines. The last day to add these classes in the OSU student system is the 2nd class day of the term (or earlier for pre-session classes). For more information, contact NOC-Stillwater at 405-744-2246.

Current Term

Fall 2019 (Excel updated on 12/13/19)

Next Terms

Spring 2020 (Excel updated on 12/13/19)

Summer 2020 (Excel updated on 12/13/19)

Prior Terms

Summer 2019 (Excel updated on 8/16/19)

Spring 2019 (Excel updated on 6/14/19)

Fall 2018 (Excel updated on 12/20/18)

Summer 2018 (Excel updated on 7/16/18)

Spring 2018 (Excel updated on 5/18/18)

Fall 2017 (Excel updated on 12/1517)

Summer 2017 (Excel updated on 7/28/17)

Spring 2017 (Excel updated on 5/19/17)

Fall 2016 (Excel updated on 12/2/16)

Summer 2016
 (PDF updated on 7/13/16)
Summer 2016 (Excel updated on 7/13/16)

Spring 2016 (PDF updated on 4/22/16)
Spring 2016 (Excel updated on 4/22/16)

Online and Outreach Programs

OCampus- information about online classes, study abroad/travel courses, and distance learning degrees.
Correspondence Education- Courses offered through Correspondence Education (CE). Regular admission to OSU not required to enroll in CE courses; contact CE office for details.


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Short Courses
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