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2021-2022 Degree Requirements


The 2021-2022 University Catalog has been published and contains the latest approved requirements for degree programs, minors and certificates. Full degree program details for 2021-2022 can be found in the University Catalog.


-  External Reporting, Control, and Auditing (BSBA/Finish in Four)

-  Internal Reporting, Control and Auditing (BSBA/Finish in Four)


Acting (BFA)


Aerospace Administration and Operations
-  Aerospace Security (BS/Finish in Four)
-  Aviation Management (BS/Finish in Four)
-  Professional Pilot (BS/Finish in Four)
-  Technical Service Management (BS/Finish in Four)


Aerospace Engineering (BSAE) 


Agribusiness (BSAG)
-  Accounting Double Major (BSAG) 
-  Agricultural Communications Double Major (BSAG) 
-  Community and Regional Analysis (BSAG) 
-  Crop and Soil Sciences (BSAG) 
-  Farm and Ranch Management (BSAG)
-  International (BSAG) 
-  Natural Resources (BSAG) 
-  Pre-Law (BSAG)
-  Pre-Veterinary Business Management (BSAG)


Agricultural Communications (BSAG) 
-  Agribusiness Double Major (BSAG) 
-  Animal Science Double Major (BSAG)


Agricultural Economics (BSAG) 


Agricultural Education
-  Agricultural Business and Economics (BSAG) 
-  Agricultural Communications (BSAG) 
-  Animal Agriculture (BSAG) 
-  Horticultural Sciences (BSAG)
-  Multidisciplinary (BSAG)
-  Natural Resources (BSAG) 


Agricultural Leadership (BSAG)
-  Extension Education (BSAG)
-  International Studies (BSAG)


Agricultural Systems Technology (BSAG)


American Sign Language Studies (BA)


American Studies (BA/Finish in Four) (BS/Finish in Four)
-  American Indian Studies (BA/Finish in Four) (BS/Finish in Four)
-  Business Essentials (BA/Finish in Four) (BS/Finish in Four)
-  Pre-Law (BA/Finish in Four) (BS/Finish in Four)


Animal Science
-  Agricultural Communications Double Major (BSAG) 
-  Agricultural Education Double Major (BSAG) 
-  Animal Biotechnology (BSAG)
-  Business (BSAG)
-  Livestock Merchandising (BSAG)
-  Pre-Veterinary Animal Science (BSAG)
-  Production (BSAG)
-  Ranch Operations (BSAG) 


Applied Exercise Science
-  Pre-Professional (BS/Finish in Four)

-  Sport and Coaching Science (BS/Finish in Four)
-  Strength and Conditioning (BS/Finish in Four)


Architectural Engineering
-  Construction Project Management (BEN)
-  Structures (BEN) 


Architecture (BAR) 


-  Art History (BA/Finish in Four)
-  Graphic Design (BFA/Finish in Four)
-  Studio Art (BA/Finish in Four) 
-  Studio (BFA/Finish in Four)


Arts Administration (BA/Finish in Four)


Biochemistry (BS/Finish in Four)


Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (BSAG) 
-  Pre-Medical or Pre-Veterinary Science (BSAG) 


Biology (BS/Finish in Four)
-  Allied Health (BS/Finish in Four) 
-  Environmental Biology (BS/Finish in Four)
-  Pre-Medical Sciences (BS/Finish in Four)
-  Secondary Teacher Certification (BS/Finish in Four)


Biosystems Engineering
-  Bioprocessing and Food Processing (BSBE)
-  Biosystems Engineering (BSBE) 
-  Environmental and Natural Resources (BSBE) 
-  Machine Systems and Agricultural Engineering (BSBE)
-  Pre-Medical (BSBE)


Chemical Engineering (BSCH)
-  Biomedical/Biochemical (BSCH) 
-  Pre-Medical (BSCH) 


-  ACS Approved (BS/Finish in Four)
-  Departmental Degree (BS/Finish in Four)
-  Pre-Health/Pre-Law (BS/Finish in Four) 
-  Secondary Teacher Certification (BS/Finish in Four) 


Civil Engineering (BSCV) 
-  Environmental (BSCV) 


Communication Sciences and Disorders (BS/Finish in Four) 


Computer Engineering (BSCP)

-  Software Engineering (BSCP) 


Computer Science (BS/Finish in Four) 


Construction Engineering Technology
-  Building (BSET) 
-  Heavy (BSET) 


Design, Housing and Merchandising
-  Fashion Design and Production (BS)
-  Fashion Merchandising (BS)

-  Interior Design (BS)


Early Child Care and Development (BS)


Economics (BS/Finish in Four)

-  Two Options - CAS (BA/Finish in Four)


Economics (BSBA/Finish in Four) 
-  Business Economics and Quantitative Studies (BSBA/Finish in Four) 
-  Pre-Law (BSBA/Finish in Four) 


Electrical Engineering (BSEE) 


Electrical Engineering Technology (BSET) 
-  Computer (BSET) 


Elementary Education (BS/Finish in Four)


English (BA/Finish in Four)
-  Creative Writing (BA/Finish in Four)
-  Pre-Law (BA/Finish in Four)
-  Professional Writing (BA/Finish in Four) 
-  Screen Studies (BA/Finish in Four) 


-  Bio-Forensics (BSAG) 
-  Insect Biology and Ecology (BSAG) 
-  Pre-Veterinary and Pre-Medical (BSAG) 


Entrepreneurship (BSBA/Finish in Four) 


Environmental Science
-  Environmental Policy (BSAG) 
-  Natural Resources (BSAG) 
-  Water Resources (BSAG) 


-  Two Options (BSBA/Finish in Four) 


Fire Protection and Safety Engineering Technology (BSET) 


Food Science (BSAG)


French (BA/Finish in Four) 
-  Business Essentials (BA/Finish in Four)
-  Pre-Law (BA/Finish in Four) 


General Business (BSBA/Finish in Four) 
-  Pre-Law (BSBA/Finish in Four) 


Geography (BA/Finish in Four) (BS/Finish in Four)
-  Business Essentials (BA/Finish in Four) (BS/Finish in Four)
-  Pre-Law (BA/Finish in Four)
-  Pre-Ministry (BA/Finish in Four) 


Geology (BS/Finish in Four) 
-  Business Essentials (BS/Finish in Four)
-  Environmental Geology (BS/Finish in Four) 
-  Petroleum Geology (BS/Finish in Four) 
-  Pre-Law (BS/Finish in Four)
-  Secondary Teacher Certification (BS/Finish in Four)


Geophysics (BS/Finish in Four)


Geospatial Information Science (BS/Finish in Four)  


German (BA/Finish in Four)
-  Business Essentials (BA/Finish in Four) 
-  Pre-Law (BA/Finish in Four) 


Global Studies (BA/Finish in Four)
-  Business Essentials (BA/Finish in Four) 
-  Pre-Law (BA/Finish in Four)
-  Pre-Ministry (BA/Finish in Four) 


History (BA/Finish in Four)            
-  Business Essentials (BA/Finish in Four)
-  Pre-Law (BA/Finish in Four)


-  Horticultural Business (BSAG)

-  Horticultural Food Safety (BSAG)
-  Horticultural Science (BSAG)

-  Landscape Management (BSAG)
-  Public Horticulture (BSAG)
-  Turf Management (BSAG)

-  Urban Horticulture (BSAG)


Hospitality and Tourism Management (BSBA/Finish in Four)

-  Beverage Management (BSBA/Finish in Four)

-  Event Management (BSBA/Finish in Four)


Human Development and Family Science
-  Child and Family Services (BS/Finish in Four)
-  Early Childhood Education (BS/Finish in Four)
-  Family and Consumer Sciences Education (BS/Finish in Four)


Industrial Engineering and Management (BSIE) 


International Business (BSBA/Finish in Four) 


Landscape Architecture (BLA)


Management (BSBA/Finish in Four) 
-  Business Sustainability (BSBA/Finish in Four) 
-  Human Resource Management (BSBA/Finish in Four)
-  Non-Profit Management (BSBA/Finish in Four) 
-  Sports Management (BSBA/Finish in Four) 


Management Information Systems (BSBA/Finish in Four) 
-  Data Science (BSBA/Finish in Four) 
-  Information Assurance (BSBA/Finish in Four) 


Marketing (BSBA/Finish in Four)
-  Marketing Communications Management (BSBA/Finish in Four) 
-  Marketing Research and Analytics (BSBA/Finish in Four)
-  Professional Selling and Sales Management (BSBA/Finish in Four)


Mathematics (BA/Finish in Four) (BS/Finish in Four) 
-  Actuarial and Financial Mathematics (BS/Finish in Four) 
-  Applied Mathematics (BS/Finish in Four) 
-  Pre-Law (BS/Finish in Four) 
-  Pre-Medical Sciences (BS/Finish in Four)
-  Secondary Teacher Certification (BS/Finish in Four)


Mechanical Engineering (BSME)

-  Fire Protection Systems (BSME)
-  Petroleum (BSME)
-  Pre-Medical (BSME)  


Mechanical Engineering Technology (BSET)


Medicinal and Biophysical Chemistry (BS/Finish in Four)


Microbiology, Cell and Molecular Biology (BS/Finish in Four) 
-  Medical Laboratory Science (BS/Finish in Four) 
-  Pre-Medical Professional (BS/Finish in Four) 


Multidisciplinary Studies (BA/Finish in Four) (BS/Finish in Four)
-  Business Essentials (BA/Finish in Four) (BS/Finish in Four)
-  Pre-Law (BA/Finish in Four) (BS/Finish in Four)


Multimedia Journalism (BA/Finish in Four) (BS/Finish in Four) 


Music (BA/Finish in Four)

-  Music Composition (BA)
-  Performance (BM/Finish in Four) 


Music Education
-  Instrumental/Vocal Certification (BM/Finish in Four) 


Music Industry (BS/Finish in Four)


Musical Theatre (BFA)


Natural Resource Ecology and Management
-  Fisheries and Aquatic Ecology (BSAG)
-  Forest Ecology and Management (BSAG) 
-  Rangeland Ecology and Management (BSAG)
-  Wildlife Biology and Pre-Veterinary Science (BSAG)
-  Wildlife Ecology and Management (BSAG)


Nursing (BS: RN to BSN)


Nutritional Sciences
-  Allied Health (BS)
-  Dietetics (BS)
-  Human Nutrition/Pre-Medical Sciences (BS)

-  Public Health Nutrition (BS)


Philosophy (BA/Finish in Four) 
-  Ethics and Business Essentials (BA/Finish in Four)

-  Ethics and Public Policy (BA/Finish in Four)
-  Pre-Law (BA/Finish in Four) 
-  Pre-Ministry (BA/Finish in Four) 


Physics (BS/Finish in Four) 
-  Applied Physics (BS/Finish in Four) 
-  Secondary Teacher Certification (BS/Finish in Four) 


Physiology (BS/Finish in Four) 
-  Pre-Medical Sciences (BS/Finish in Four)


Plant and Soil Sciences
-  Agronomic Business (BSAG)
-  Crop Production and Management (BSAG)
-  Plant Biotechnology and Improvement (BSAG)
-  Soil and Water Resources (BSAG)


Plant Biology (BS/Finish in Four) 
-  Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics (BS/Finish in Four) 
-  Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (BS/Finish in Four)
-  Pre-Forensics (BS/Finish in Four) 
-  Pre-Law Environmental Policy (BS/Finish in Four)  
-  Pre-Pharmacy (BS/Finish in Four)  


Political Science (BA/Finish in Four) (BS/Finish in Four)
-  Global Politics (BA/Finish in Four) (BS/Finish in Four)

-  Practical Politics: Campaigning, Lobbying, and Policymaking (BA/Finish in Four) (BS/Finish in Four)
-  Pre-Law (BA/Finish in Four) (BS/Finish in Four)


Psychology (BA/Finish in Four) (BS/Finish in Four)
-  Business Essentials (BA/Finish in Four)
-  Pre-Law (BA/Finish in Four)
-  Pre-Med (BS/Finish in Four)
-  Pre-Occupational Therapy (BS/Finish in Four)
-  Pre-Physical Therapy (BS/Finish in Four)


Public Health

-  Community Health (BS/Finish in Four)

-  Exercise and Health (BS/Finish in Four)


Recreation Management and Recreational Therapy
-  Recreation Management (BS/Finish in Four)
-  Recreational Therapy (BS/Finish in Four)


Secondary Education
-  English (BS/Finish in Four)
-  Foreign Language (BS/Finish in Four)
-  Social Studies (BS/Finish in Four)


Sociology (BA/Finish in Four) (BS/Finish in Four) 
-  Anthropology (BA/Finish in Four) (BS/Finish in Four) 
-  Applied Sociology (BA/Finish in Four) (BS/Finish in Four)

-  Criminology and Criminal Justice (BA/Finish in Four) (BS/Finish in Four)

-  Environment and Society (BA/Finish in Four) (BS/Finish in Four)
-  Pre-Law (BS/Finish in Four) 
-  Pre-Medical Science (BS/Finish in Four)

-  Social Services (BA/Finish in Four) (BS/Finish in Four)


Spanish (BA/Finish in Four)
-  Business Essentials (BA/Finish in Four) 
-  Pre-Law (BA/Finish in Four)


Sports Media (BA/Finish in Four) (BS/Finish in Four) 


Statistics (BS/Finish in Four)
-  Actuarial Science (BS/Finish in Four)
-  Business Essentials (BS/Finish in Four)
-  Data Science (BS/Finish in Four)


Strategic Communication

-  Advertising and Public Relations (BA/Finish in Four) (BS/Finish in Four)

-  Entertainment Media (BA/Finish in Four) (BS/Finish in Four)

-  Social Media (BA/Finish in Four) (BS/Finish in Four)


Theatre (BA/Finish in Four)


University Studies (BUS)
-  Multidisciplinary Studies (BUS)


Zoology (BS/Finish in Four)
-  Ecology and Conservation Biology (BS/Finish in Four)
-  Pre-Medical Sciences (BS/Finish in Four)
-  Pre-Veterinary Science (BS/Finish in Four)
-  Secondary Teacher Certification (BS/Finish in Four)

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