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Chosen, Legal and Diploma Names

Chosen (or Preferred) Names


Students, faculty and staff can indicate their chosen (or preferred) first name in Banner Self-Service from the Personal Information area. Chosen names are displayed in the Canvas learning management system and in most student, faculty and advisor areas of Self-Service. Learn more.

Legal Names


Legal names are indicated at the time of application to the University and display in most administrative systems by default. The Office of the Registrar is transitioning to the use of chosen names wherever possible in campus systems commonly used by students, advisors and faculty. If you have indicated a chosen or preferred first name, please know that your legal name will still be used on your official academic records and other administrative instances to comply with an articulated business need or regulation. Legal names are also generally used in systems where students provide consent for parents or others to view their academic records (e.g. Proxy Access, Authorized User for Bursar Billing system). Other areas where legal names are used include:


  • Administrative enterprise resource planning systems and reports
  • Employee benefit systems
  • Federal financial aid and VA benefits reporting
  • Human resources records
  • Immigration information
  • Insurance records
  • Loan documents
  • Official academic transcripts
  • Official enrollment verifications
  • OSU ID cards
  • Proxy Access
  • Tax forms
  • Bursar Billing/Payment System
  • In response to open records or other compulsory data requests

Given that many offices across campus communicate with students and our administrative systems are required to maintain legal as well as chosen names, it is possible that some areas may address student communications using a legal first name instead of a chosen name. For assistance in advocacy for chosen name usage, please reach out to the Office of Multicultural Affairs.


Students who need to update their legal name on record with Oklahoma State must submit a completed Correction or Change of Name form with supporting documentation as directed on the form to the Office of the Registrar. Faculty and staff can contact Human Resources for assistance with names.

Diploma Names


The diploma name defaults to a student’s legal name. Use of legal names on diplomas is recommended, particularly for international students, as some employers and government agencies verify identity and credentials against other official academic records.


Given that diplomas are widely regarded as ceremonial documents primarily for personal use, Oklahoma State allows students to specify a chosen name as their diploma name at the time they apply to graduate. If a new diploma is desired reflecting an updated diploma name, students will be required to submit a Diploma Name Preference form at the time they request a replacement diploma. Replacement diplomas cost $50 and can be ordered here.

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