Faculty/Staff Tuition and Fee Waiver

Full-time* members of the faculty and staff who enroll in standard OSU credit courses may receive a waiver of half the tuition on these courses and a waiver of specified fees according to OSU Policies 2-0108 and 3-0744. For full-time faculty and staff members who enroll in NOC-Stillwater courses, specified fees as stated in these policies may be waived but no tuition is waived. If appropriate approvals are obtained and this form is received in the Registrar's Office prior to the beginning of the applicable term, these waivers will be applied. If the waiver is requested for only one course or for no more than five credit hours, only the department head's approval is required on this form. For more than one course or more than five credit hours, approval is also required from the employee's dean, if applicable, and vice president.

To receive any waiver of fees, the full-time (100%) continuous, regular employee must submit a completed Faculty/Staff Fee Waiver Request form to the Office of the Registrar prior to the beginning of the applicable term. If the form is not on file prior to the beginning of the term, the employee-student will not be granted the waiver of fees. Some courses taught through correspondence study, extension and outreach are excluded. For more information, contact the department offering the courses to determine whether the tuition waiver applies. This waiver applies only to OSU and NOC-Stillwater courses. Courses offered by other institutions are not covered.

*Full-time (100%) continuous, regular employees are eligible. Faculty/Staff attending classes may not receive a fee waiver and purchase an All Sports Ticket. Individuals may receive only one of these two benefits.