Additional Forms
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Request for Official Transcript
Standard Paper Transcript Additional Services Form

Change of Student Information
Address Change Request
Correction or Change of Name
Social Security Number (or Taxpayer ID Number) Change

Access to Student Records
Request to Withhold Directory Information (Buckley Form)
Revocation of Request to Withhold Directory Information (Buckley Revocation Form)
One-time Authorization to Release Educational Record Information
Revocation of Parental Access to Educational Records (FERPA Revocation form)
Consent/Waiver Form for Student Recommendations/Evaluations
Consent Form for a Single Letter of Recommendation
Banner PIN Request
Phone Password

Degree/Enrollment Verification Forms
Candidate Letter Request
Enrollment Certification Request
Letter of Completion Request

Enrollment Forms
Admission/Enrollment Cancellation Request
Audit Form
Drop/Add Card
Dual Level Credit Approval for Accelerated Master's Degree Program Courses
Graduate Students Seeking Undergraduate Credit for 3000-4000 Courses
Graduate Course Approved for Undergraduate Transcript
OSU/NOC-Stillwater Enrollment Permit
Request for Pass-No Pass Grading Option
Petition to Enroll in Excessive Hours (Academic Overload)
Withdrawal Form
Military Leave of Absence/Withdrawal Form
Notification of Intent to Re-Enroll for Students on Military Leave of Absence

Tuition and Fee Waivers/Adjustments
Faculty/Staff Tuition and Fee Waiver Request

Application for Certificate Program Completion (Beginning Fall 2016, use Apply to Graduate
in the Student Records section of Self Service (
Diploma Delivery Change Request
Diploma Name Preference
General Education Requirement Individual Substitution Form
One-time Directory Hold Exception for Commencement Program
Graduation Application Cancellation

Petition for In-State Status
Petition for a Refund of Tuition and Fees
Retroactive Drop/Withdrawal Petition
ROTC Petition for In-State Status

Application for Yellow Ribbon Program
Change of Program or Place of Training Form
Post 9/11 GI Bill (Chapter 33) Veterans Education Benefits Student Information and Acknowledgement
Veterans Advisory Form
Veteran Education Benefits Acknowledgement

Course Management
Classroom Change Notice
Common Exam Request Form
Course Deviation Request
Course Deactivation-Reactivation Request
General University Classrooms
Official Class Time Schedule for Course Offerings
Pre-Finals/Finals Week Classroom Request
Request for Class Cancellation with Current Student Enrollment
Request for Class Change with Current Student Enrollment
Supplemental Course Form
Other course forms are available on Academic Affairs webpage

Imaged Data Access Request - basic
Imaged Data Access Request - restricted

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